How to maintenance and maintenance of computer hardware?

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Now have a lot of friends to say that their computer hardware has a lot of problems, sometimes like our computer screen is very dirty, we know to take some things to wipe clean, but the computer hardware words we should how to maintain and maintenance it? Now I'm going to teach you a few things about hardware maintenance that will help you reduce the damage to your hardware.

If your monitor screen does not belong to the touch screen, do not touch the monitor screen, because you have a lot of things you do not know will damage the screen, such as static electricity, computer use in the process will accumulate a large number of electrostatic charge on the surface of the component. The most typical is the display in the use of hands to touch the display screen, there will be severe electrostatic discharge phenomenon, electrostatic discharge may damage the display, especially the vulnerable LCD. For example, the CRT screen surface is generally coated with strong light, anti-static Agas (anti-glareanti-static) coating, anti-reflective, anti-static do not have a strong magnetic field of things (such as speakers) placed near the monitor, but the monitor will inevitably be affected by various electromagnetic interference , so the general display has degaussing function, we should be regular (such as one months) to the display degaussing, but note that the same time do not repeatedly use this function.

Do not put clutter on the monitor, such as cups, weights, CDs, mobile phones and so on, do not plug the radiator hole in the display shell.

Do not allow your monitor to be exposed to strong light (such as solar light), the display should not be too bright or contrast too strong, so as to avoid the filament and phosphor in the picture tube premature aging. Do not turn on the monitor without permission, if you are not a professional because there is a high-voltage circuit in the display.

Now LCD is getting cheaper, technology is also more and more advanced, so the use of it more and more people, compared to CRT, LCD is more frivolous, so also appear more vulnerable (especially its LCD panel), with the hand pointing to the LCD screen or hard to poke the screen is not desirable, Although for CRT monitors this is not a big problem, but the LCD monitor is different, this may cause scratches on the protective layer, damage the display of the LCD molecules, so that the display effect of a large discount, so this bad habit must be corrected, after all, your LCD display is not a touch screen, if you can, Spend more than 10 dollars to buy a protective film affixed to the LCD surface (may feel less brightness); In addition, strong shock and vibration should be avoided, the LCD screen and sensitive electrical components of the device if the shock will cause damage. For an LCD monitor, remember not to spill water directly onto the display surface, and water entering the LCD will cause the screen to short-circuit. Do not make LCD for a long time in the boot state (72 consecutive hours or more), for a long period of continuous use, will make the LCD panel heating, aging or overheating components.


1, do not run the boot box, indeed open the cover, can make the CPU cooler some, but the resulting negative impact appears to be larger, chassis design generally before and after opening holes (note that these holes are not blocked), is to enable the internal formation of the chassis air convection, so that the internal parts can be heat dissipation, Do not think that only the CPU will be hot, to know that there is no heat of the electronic products, I believe we have learned physics, in addition to the CPU, hard disk and CD-ROM heat also can not be underestimated, now the mainstream hard drive speed of 7200 cycles per second, imagine it can not hot Mody, and CD-ROM, you can take a CD-ROM to run for 1 minutes, Take it again and touch the temperature, if you open the cover, the chassis loss of convection, will make the hard drive and the lower part of the CD-ROM circuit board generated by the heat into the rise, not only scattered, but also used to heat themselves; boot box lid will also bring electromagnetic radiation, noise and other hazards, first of all to your health disadvantage, And will make the accessories in the chassis more easily dirty, bring electrostatic hazards, and hinder the rotation of the fan, but also to the chassis inside the accessories to bring hidden dangers, in case the water spilled inside, the consequences of unimaginable.

2, do not take the computer mainframe to the feet, if you want to kill your desktop computer, then drive it to the cross-country ride, or carry it to climb, disco, it will be faster; Your method is too small to vibrate, and it takes a long time to get results. If you're willing to stick with it, the first thing you'll expect to achieve is a hard drive, the cause of the bad drive.

3, the chassis can not be mixed with screws, such as conductive, or very easy to cause the chassis inside the board short circuit, have serious consequences.

4, when you want to open the chassis panel on the host hardware maintenance and repair. Should first cut off the power, and put your hands on the water pipe for a while to let go of their own static electricity. First the host and other peripherals to unplug, take apart the chassis, check whether there are abnormal traces of equipment inside, timely use a soft brush or cloth to erase the dust in the chassis (motherboard, video card, sound card, power fan, etc.). If you know a little bit about hardware, it's recommended that you plug in all your hardware on a regular basis.

5, the host internal clutter of data lines, power cords can be tied up with rubber bands, so that not only give people a neat feeling, but also convenient host cooling.


Generally do not open the chassis, we are not very able to access it, I encountered the most is that some people do not know the situation or in order to save trouble, often in the case of the boot of the PS/2 interface of the mouse keyboard directly unplug or plug in, in fact, this is very dangerous, light the interface is broken (a change also want dozens of dollars ha), Heavy-related chips or circuit boards are burnt. Common computer, commonly used only USB interface and IEEE 1394 FireWire interface to support hot plug (that is, can be plugged in the case of the host). In addition, the plug-and-pull interface should be pulled parallel to the horizontal plane to prevent physical deformation of the interface.

Hard disk

In comparison, the hard disk is a very vulnerable category, hard disk protection is very easy to have problems, on the one hand, vibration is the most important murderer, so do not carry the host computer when running, the other is to use the habit, in the hard drive high-speed operation (chassis panel flashing red light), do not restart the computer or directly cut off the power; If you remove the hard drive, the correct way to take the hard drive is to hold both sides, it is best not to touch the back of the circuit board, because the hands of static electricity may damage the circuit board (especially when the climate is dry), transport the hard disk is best put on anti-static bag, and then use foam protection

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