How to repair the hard drive under Win7 system bad way?

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How to repair the hard drive under Win7 system bad way?

The method is as follows:

First, the logical bad road repair method

1, for the logical bad way of the repair method, the commonly used software is "efficiency source large capacity HDD Inspection repair Program", the software to all Chinese-friendly interface, easy for beginners to use.

2, will download to the local hard drive "efficiency source" decompression, and then the *. ISO file burning to disc, specific burn Method Insights compressed folder.

3, CD-ROM after the completion of the CD into the optical drive, reboot, from the computer CMOS selection from the CD-ROM, and then save the CMOS information, the computer automatically restart.

4, starting from the CD, the first will appear disclaimers, press the "Y" key to continue, this time will introduce you information, press any key to enter the software main interface. As you can see in the main software interface, its functions are all in the menu on the left.

5, hard disk Comprehensive testing: Hard disk Comprehensive testing refers to the whole piece of hard disk for all aspects of the test, in fact, we just select it and enter to open the detection window.  The program will automatically detect the hard drive on the IDE1 interface, and the check progress will be shown in real time, while the right side of the window will display the bad track information (Figure 4). Now we just have to wait patiently for it to be tested and know the "health" condition of the hard drive being tested.

Tip: In the detection process can press F7 pause, press ESC to terminate the check.

6, hard drive Bad road list: Because the efficiency source provides the bad track repair function has the manual repair and the automatic repair two kinds, chooses which repair method mainly lies in the hard disk bad road distribution. Therefore, before the repair, we first select the "Hard Drive Bad Road list" item, from the open window can be seen with the horizontal, ordinate mark the hard drive bad road position. Where the horizontal axis represents a cylinder, ordinate indicates the percentage of the hard disk, where if the corresponding number 0 is white, then the hard drive is not bad, if it is red then the area is damaged, according to the map of the hard drive bad track distribution.

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