How to fix a crashed WordPress database table

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The WordPress database may experience failures and corruption in various situations. One of the common problems it encounters is "database crashes." If this happens, you can find the following error message in the wordpress error log:

WordPress database Error Table './my_home/wp_posts ' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed for query SEL ECT post_date_gmt from wp_posts WHERE post_status = ' publish ' and Post_type in (' Post ', ' page ', ' attachment ') ORDER by Pos T_DATE_GMT DESC LIMIT 1 made by require (' wp-blog-header.php '), WP, Wp->main, wp->send_headers, get_ Lastpostmodified, Get_lastpostdate, _get_last_post_time

The symptoms of this type of database table crash vary. Your WordPress blog may have a different exception, depending on which table crashes. If the broken table is a "wp_posts" table with a series of posts in it, you won't see any posts in the blog. The Xmodulo website encountered this database crash last weekend:


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Xmodulo's WordPress blog is now run by MySQL, so I'll focus on MySQL in this tutorial.

Why does the MySQL table crash?

The cause of the crash may be different, but typically a database crash occurs when a host that is running in mysqld or mysqld is forcibly shut down during database updates. In the remainder of the tutorial, I'll show you how to fix a crashed WordPress MySQL database table.

The first of these methods

If you use a shared hosting service, you can usually access cpanel, which allows you to repair the database through the Cpanel Web interface.

Log in to cpanel and click "MySQL Databases" (MySQL database) under "Databases" (database) section.


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On the MySQL Databases page, you will find "Repair db" (Repair Database) under "Modify Databases" (Modify database) section.


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Select the database that contains the crash table and click the "Repair DB" (Repair Database) button. If the repair succeeds, you will see that the status of each table is displayed as "OK".


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The second method of

If you have access to the root directory on the MySQL server running on the host (such as VPS), you can try the command line interface to fix the crashed database table.

For MyISAM types of databases, you can use a command-line utility called Myisamchk to fix a broken table. The utility is installed with the MySQL server.

First, stop the MySQL server.


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Then use this command to fix a table.

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Finally, start the MySQL server again.

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How to fix a crashed WordPress database table

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