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If you post your email address on the internet, a lot of junk mail will be brought in soon. This is because spammers, who use programs to search email addresses online, will be added to their release list once they have been searched, and spam will continue to be sent to you. How can you freely post email addresses and contact friends on the internet without attracting spam? The following methods can help you solve such problems.

   1. Use software to encrypt your email

There are some special email address hidden software that can encrypt your email address and prevent spammers from collecting your emails.

Mail2encoder (right click to download) can convert the email address to ASCII code, you will be in the page to write email where you enter these ASCII characters, you can avoid spam.

Usage: Run Mail2encoder, enter the email address to hide in the "Mail Address" field (for example,, click the "Convert" button, and the email address will be converted into a string of ASCII code (Figure 1); then you select the code and click " Copy to clipboard, paste the code where you want it on the internet so that someone can see your email address on the web, but the spam program is searching for a bunch of ASCII code that can't collect your email to prevent spam.

Emailcloaker (Download Address: can be your email address to generate a link (HTML code), you can only post the link to the Internet, you will be able to hide your email.

Steps: Start Emailcloaker, enter the email you want to hide, and enter the link title to be generated under "Subject (optional)" (Task). Enter an account name at random, click "OK", and wait a moment for the software to generate a string of HTML code for your email.

Later, if someone wants to send you an e-mail, just click on the "Contact Me" link will open another page, and then enter the message on the page title, sender name and email address, enter the contents of the message, insert the message attachment, the message is allowed with 500k attachment; Last Click " Send Email "(sending mail), the message can be sent to you.

   2. Encrypt your email with javascript code

Open the Web page, where you need to fill in the email, enter the following code, so that your email address will be converted to ASCII code displayed on the Web page, spammers will not be able to collect your email. The code is as follows:

<script type= "Text/javascript" >
var name = [108,97,98,120,119,64,115,105,110,97,46,99,111,109];
var str = ';
String.prototype.color = function (c) {
Return "<span style=\" color: "+c+"/">" + this + "</span>";
String.prototype.mlink = function () {
Return "<a href=\" http://"+ this +" \ ">" + this + "</a>";
for (Var i=0;i<name.length;i++)
str = ' &# ' +name[i]+ ';
document.write (Str.mlink (). Bold (). Color (' blue ');

Note the above code in the word var, = the right is stored in your email address ASCII, suggest you to isocharacter.html first check the ASCII code for each character in your email, for example,'s ASCII code is 108, 97,98,120,119,64,115,105,110,97,46,99,111,109, then fill in the array to the right of the Var name=.

   3. Through the email service website to receive the letter

Contactify is a free email service website that allows you to not disclose your real email address (Figure 2) on the web.

How to: Login, in the bottom left of the page to protect the email address, arbitrary fill out a password (requires two input), and then press "Create link" (creating link), So just registered in the mailbox will receive a letter of initiation, click on the link in the letter to complete the registration procedures. In the future when you want to enter your email on the Web page, just enter the format of the link, others click on the link can be in the pop-up page to write to you.
   Small Tips
In addition to the above, there are some ways to hide email in the Web page. For example: the @ sign in email is replaced by other letter symbols (#, at, etc.), and the email address is made into a picture.
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