How to generate CHM documents of open source project source code

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At present, there are more and more open-source projects, such as Linux, Android, opencv, and PCL. These project codes are large in size and have a large number of files. It takes time and effort to view them one by one, and it is difficult to intuitively analyze the call relationships between classes and function objects. Here we will introduce a kind of CHM document that uses doxygen, graphviz, and HTML Help sdks to generate information such as the code Call Graph to read and analyze all-in-one code.


1. download the latest doxygen here:
Http:// /~ Dimitri/doxygen/

2. Download graphviz and Microsoft HTML Help SDK:
-- Graphviz
-- Microsoft HTML Help
Http:// Id = 21138

3. After installing the above three software, open doxygen

4. Specify the working directory of doxygen in step 1, that is, the path of the HTML folder and CHM document is generated.

5. set parameters in step 2's tag wizard or expert. The wizard tag is the overall key parameter settings of the project. Generally, after setting the wizard parameter, a CHM document containing the basic code is generated; if you need more comprehensive and in-depth code analysis information, such as the call graph of the class member function, you must customize it in the expert tag.

NOTE: With opencv Project ( Code as an example, step 4th, 5 settings, you can download my share in Sina micro disk doxyfile file ( ), import the file in doxygen file-open, and modify the parameters or folder path in the red box.

6. Click RUN doxygen in the label run. An HTML folder is generated in the output path you specified.

7. Open HTML Help Workshop and select index in the preceding HTML folder in file-open. open HHP, click the Option Button of the project, modify the compiled file to the CHM generation path you need in the pop-up window, and then click File-compile, in this way, we can obtain the required CHM document O (∩ _ ∩) O ~


The following is my generated opencv project code CHM document. The settings used are the shared files on the microdisk mentioned above, because all function objects (including public/protected/private) of the entire project are set) the call graph is analyzed to generate a large number of image files.The final CHM document size exceeds 1.5 GB.After importing the setting file, you can try to adjust the parameters in the expert tag to obtain the CHM document of moderate size.

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