How to get started with the R language Quick Start

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Quick Start for R language

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Course Introduction

This tutorial teaches you how to use the R language to play data. The course covers all aspects of R programming, including the types of R objects, the notation system of R and Environment system, custom functions, if else statements, for loops, S3 class R package systems, and debugging tools. This course also demonstrates how vectorization can be programmed to speed up your code and maximize the potential of R. This course is ideal for beginners in R language who aspire to be a data scientist.

Course Catalogue

1th: Introduction to the basics of R language

1. Why study the introduction of R language and R language and the overview of R language

2.R installation, basic use (HelloWorld procedures and functions and objects preliminary understanding)

Help command usage in 3.R and R script execution instructions

4.R language Features: Case studies and drawings and input and output in R (save graphics as pictures and files)

5.R Language Integration development tool Rstutio installation use and R language package installation loading instructions

6. Case: Installing the GGPLOT2 package and plotting scatter plots and histogram usage

object and vector vectors in 7.R

8.R Central Plains Sub-vector detail and vector properties

What is a function in 9.R and the definition of a function is used

10. Project Combat One: Casting dice (a) function and object definition use

11. Project Combat One: Casting dice (ii) definition, optimization and qplot plotting of functions

The 2nd Chapter: R language data structure and analysis

Matrix creation of 12.R data structures (combined case)

Matrix element Acquisition and array creation of 13.R data structures

14.R Data frame Dataframe creation and use (combined case)

List of 15.R data structures and the use of common string functions

16.R of working space and Rstudio import CSV and XML data

17.R load CSV format data and conduct business analysis (combined case)

18.R reading data from Excel and MySQL database tables (combined case)

19. Project: Poker playing poker, define the licensing and shuffle function

20. Project: Poker game R language Global environment and function runtime environment detailed

21. Project: The combination of poker game R Environment rewrite the licensing function and shuffle function

22. Project: Poker games using closures to rewrite code and test

23. Project: Poker game based on different game rules to modify the values in the object

24. Project: Overview of slot machines functional requirements and implementation generating slots symbolic functions

25. Project: Slot machine based on the symbol calculation amount (IF ... Else statement use)

26. Project: Project: Slot machine Complete calculation amount and test run (involving for loop use)

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How to get started with the R language Quick Start

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