How to get the site off the edge of being abandoned by search engines

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Most people who have studied or liked to study search engines, generally heard the site's repeated content of the search engine is very unfavorable, then the bottom is what circumstances may lead to our website for search engine disadvantage, so that the ranking of users can not reach the ideal location or the site is long in the search engine abandoned by the edge of it, Today I would like to talk about the site's repeated content on the search engine rankings of several major factors.

First, we look at the duplication of the site from the search engine perspective, and it doesn't want the 10 or 20 search results to be the same. Therefore, the same content of the web search engine will only list one. In other words, even if several pages have the same content, the search engine will only list one page.

Second, the Spider Crawl Program (spider) to search engine is to spend the system resources. Therefore, the search engine will not want to see the content of the Web page it reads is the same, because it is a waste of system resources (the effort to read the page, but not to obtain any new information). So, if a Web site has a lot of duplicate pages, the search engine may decide to crawl only a handful of pages, and may even decide not to crawl the site at all.

Then, in the case of several pages that have the same content, the search engine determines which page will be placed in the result by the searching engine. While the search engine should theoretically choose the most ranked pages, it is hard to say how the search engine will actually pick them.

Generally, a big factor in the ranking of search engines is how many connections point to the page. Let's say we have two pages with exactly the same content. A Web page has 10 connections, and a page B has 20 connections. If there is actually only one page that has this content, then this page will have 30 connections. As a result, the page will be ranked better than a page or a page B.

Finally, duplicate content of the site may be considered spam by the search engine. The idea of a faulty SEO is that if I copy a Web page or a website to a few copies on a different Web site, I can increase the ranking of the page. This might have been useful more than 10 years ago, but it has now been considered a spam message by the search engine. When the search engine catches this type of situation, the entire site is in danger of being kicked out of the search engine catalog.

We need to follow the relevant rules of Baidu to prevent our site is abandoned by Baidu, when we operate our website or for customers to create a good profit platform, combined with our own advantages, the site operation and corporate web site to combine, thereby creating more benefits.

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