How to grow corn and soy beans

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Chatting with his roommate a few days ago, he said that he was going to go home to help his parents farm the land on holiday 5.1. I asked him how the land on his side was like? He said that the land over there is not very good, and many of the land is on the hillside, so there are not many places in each area. I asked him what the main types he had on the other side? He said it was mainly corn and soy beans.

Theoretically, the benefits of corn and soy bean are definitely different. There must be a higher benefit than the other. In reality, the benefits of soy beans are higher than that of corn, I wonder why I don't just need soy beans? He smiled. The main reason was the land problem. If a crop was planted for a long time, the nutrition of the land would be lost. Therefore, there could only be two crops in turn.

However, will this cause an imbalance in earnings, that is, the annual income of corn is less, and the income of soy beans is more? He smiled again. He said that the annual income is almost the same. crops don't grow corn this year, but beans are planted next year. Instead, corn is planted on half of the land in a year, half of the land grows soy beans, and the crops planted on both sides are being exchanged the next year, so there is no problem I mentioned.

I did not expect that there would be such a great deal of knowledge for planting corn and soy beans. The mixed Planting of the two crops kept the land's nutrients balanced and corn and soy beans were planted at the same time, this method can reduce the risks caused by failure of each type of crops and ensure that the annual income is within a stable range. I think this method may be very common, but I think these methods are really clever.

In many cases, we often ignore many experiences in software development. In fact, if successful experiences are inherited and lessons learned from failures are warned, we can develop software better, if we ignore the accumulation of experience and the spread of development culture, it will be no different from the corn black bear. I think this is why we need to write a blog.

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