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Getting more effective users is the foundation of any business success, and it all depends on the user to register your service, how to improve the conversion rate of user registration, this article gives some simple and effective guidelines. Dry foot articles are basically very long, it is rare to see a short article also some material, immediately interrupted to share to everyone.

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The fate of many startups depends almost entirely on a conversion point: when a visitor is converted to a user.

Most of the time, this critical task falls on the shoulder of the normal "register" button, and the poor button is often not given any consideration or attention in product development.

If you take a moment to consider the wording of the registration button, you may be able to significantly increase the conversion rate of registered users. (Of course, after a visitor becomes a user, things are important, but once you have the email address of the user, things can get much easier.) )

Registration button for each start-up company

Why the "Sign up" button doesn't work

They were ignored.

When visitors repeatedly see elements common to many sites, they begin to unconsciously ignore those elements (also known as "habituation"). Whether the registration buttons are blue or green or even a hell of a fire orange.

Their demands are blind.

Don't think the visitors know why you let them sign up, people don't read the pages carefully, they usually browse. They are likely to miss out on a free trial or some of the main benefits that a product can offer.

They don't offer any value.

Asking for "Sign up" doesn't help the idea of changing visitors, and their ideas don't go from "Why do I have to register?" To "I want to register!"

How to get more users by registering

And make it tightly linked to the product.

If your product is a bit-currency trading cloud service software: You can say "start Bitcoin", or if it's an online market for artists: You can start selling your work. This prevents users from ignoring your registration button.

To give, not to claim

"Get access" and "register" do the same thing, but one will make people feel that he will get some benefits while the other does not.

Motivate people to take action

You can use behavioral verbs in copywriting, such as getting, starting, and trying.

Here are some examples of startups that have done well:

Processed Registration button

(In these successful cases, I particularly like Gliffy's "Start Drawing", which hints at the speed of getting started and directly related to their products: this is an application that allows users to easily draw charts)

Case study: Change two words can be changed to 3 times times the click.

For example, a company I worked with. Like many startups, scalyr--a log rollup and monitoring tool-requiring visitors to "sign up" on their web pages, I suggest changing the button to "free trial" with persuasion, and testing this version, let's see what happens:

"Free Trial" gained 212% click Growth.

Try it yourself!

Try making changes to your "register" button, such as expressing the semantics of giving and persuading, and linking it to your product, and then testing the changes. This is one of the simplest tests and may have a huge impact on your conversion rate. If you listen to my opinion, it's almost certain that the result will be better than asking the user to "sign up".

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