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WPS may be used by everyone, but there is a function we may not be very understanding of the WPS text in the hidden text and add pinyin, because the basic over the primary school, we write when we do not use pinyin, after all, and then there is a dictionary.

Here, the small series will be through the WPS text in the production of language papers in the actual use, to explain how the WPS text hidden text and add Pinyin.

 1, hidden text

In the homework and test, students often need to fill in the blanks, sometimes there is no standard answer, you can fill out, correcting homework and test papers can also be flexible operation. And sometimes must fill in the standard answer, this in correcting homework and test paper when it is not arbitrary, and the standard answer than to judge, we have to have a copy of the standard answer.

Method One: In fact, the production process is very simple, that is, when the test paper production, first, according to normal operation, after the completion of the production, the answer part of the hidden up on the line, first with the left hand press the CTLR key, and then use the mouse to select the part of the answer we want to hide, choose to complete, there are two ways to hide, one is right after clicking "Font Under the Effects tab in the Open Font window, select hidden text. Hide the text.

Figure 1

But this operation is more trouble, to see hidden text also click on the WPS text in the upper left corner drop-down Menu "format"-"Font", in the Open font window under the "Effect" tab, "hidden text" in front of the hook to remove the line.

If you want to print the hidden part, just click "Tools"-"options" in the Drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the WPS text. In the Options window that opens, click the Print tab, and under the Print tab, under the Print Document additional information box, click the down triangle to the right of the hidden text box, and select print hidden text To

Figure 2

Method Two: After you choose to hide the text, with the mouse in the function bar to switch to "start", click "Font Color" down the triangle, the font is set to white, so that the answer to hide the part becomes colorless automatically hidden (colorless part is not able to print out), confidentiality will also be appropriately improved. At this point, we can also click "Print Preview" to preview the print effect. If you want to display the contents of a hidden part, just click on the menu bar "edit"-"Select All" or press "Ctrl" + "A" all selected, and then click on the toolbar "Font Color" button next to the triangle arrow, in the font color select "Black", the hidden part can be displayed normally.

 2, add pinyin

Read Pinyin fill words

Primary school in order to test the pinyin of students, teachers often give Chinese characters phonetic or read Pinyin to write the topic of words, such as reading Pinyin to write words, is to let students in pinyin to fill in the appropriate words.

The specific operation is as follows: First in the WPS text to enter the phrase and select, and then in the function bar in the "Start" click on the Font module, "Phonetic Guide" button.

Figure 3

In the Phonetic Guide window, click Group, and then use the mouse to select the base text. Press the empty bar once, will "base text" Delete, and then, click each pinyin with the mouse, press the space bar, use the space instead of text, in the "Font size" to select the appropriate pound value, if necessary to modify the "alignment", click " Ok.

Figure 4

Correct typos by pinyin

As a result of primary school students ' ability to recognize the phonetic characters is poor, moreover, some Putonghua pronunciation is not standard, some words are very easy to confuse, in this, we can out some of the words different words, to exercise the ability of analysis and recognition. The first is to enter a set of words and select in the function bar, select "Start" click on the font module of the "Phonetic Guide" button, with the mouse to select the "base text", press the empty bar once will be "base text" Delete, and then in the "Base text" box input homonym, click "OK", Can replace the original text into other homonym, let the students judge, modified.

Figure 5

Let pinyin not in the crowded

In general, the character spacing is the default, the spacing is small, if the font is smaller, it always looks a little hard, if pinyin more, it will become more crowded. Although you can adjust the alignment of pinyin, however, the size of the point of increase in the number of points is also crowded, at this time we can manually adjust its spacing, the cursor inserted into the second text and pinyin before, press the space bar to move a space, so no matter how the font size adjustment, pinyin will not be crowded together.

Look at the above operation, you have not learned some. WPS is created to help us, for our application, we should not only understand the commonly used functions, for these relatively biased knowledge should be well mastered.

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