How to hide your wireless network

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There are many ways to hide your computer in a wireless network. For example, click Start/run and Enter cmd to open the Command Prompt window. In this window
Enter "net config server/hidden: yes", or cancel "Microsoft network file and printer sharing" in the Properties window of wireless network connection ",
In this way, other people cannot find their computers through their network neighbors.
To prevent IP address leakage, you can enable the firewall function for wireless network connection, and set ICMP in the "advanced" tab of the firewall attribute
When both incoming and outgoing requests are banned, you cannot use ping.exe to determine whether your computer is online.
WinXP automatically manages wireless networks by default. In fact, it is necessary to allow the system to automatically connect to the wireless network only when you need to access wireless network resources.
You can cancel the "use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" option, which is not only safe, but also saves more resources. Or click "advanced" to cancel"
Automatically connect to a non-preferred network ", so that the system will not easily connect to a wireless network that was not previously detected.

The wireless router is invisible but accessible
The most direct way to hide a wireless router in the air is to stop the SSID broadcast. The SSID broadcast function enables the wireless network created by the wireless router
It can be found on the terminal. Although this facilitates users' access to wireless networks, it also facilitates illegal access. Therefore, it is best for users to access networks that require security, such as the company network.
Disable it.
In this way, the wireless network created by the wireless router cannot be searched as usual by using the WinXP or wireless network adapter.
Add the preferred network and specify the SSID name.
Hiding SSID broadcast cannot deal with NetStumber. It can still detect hidden wireless networks. Therefore, you must use the functions of the wireless router itself.
Yes, including stopping the DHCP service and modifying the default IP address of the LAN port. Because the SSID of the wireless network is broadcasted outward, even if the wireless network is inspected
If the intruder does not obtain or configure the IP address of the same network segment as the wireless router, it still cannot connect to the wireless router. This is also a TCP/IP network connection.
A prerequisite for communication, that is, the IP addresses of devices in the same network must be in the same network segment.

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