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In the daily usability test, deep visit, seminars and other research, whether as a moderator or an observer, we will find some interesting phenomenon: the user in the process of participation, there is a sense of contemplation, there is a feeling of loss, frown, and so on, in addition, there will be some limb movements, such as shrug, hands crossed; Along with some tone of voice changes, such as Yi, oh, tut and so on. The rich, interesting facial expressions, body movements, and tone of voice that users show are directly related to many aspects of our research projects.

Common emotional situations in research

In the daily research, the communication with the user mainly in the user recruitment, qualitative research implementation phase:

1 in the process of recruiting users, especially those who only hear the sound of their telephone recruitment, we will find that some users speak relatively low, some users are more excited, some users speak not directly, whether to participate in the investigation of the answer to the implied many hypothetical conditions, and some users are simply promised to take part in the investigation ( Scenario 1);

2 in the implementation of qualitative research, users often send out "gee" "Oh" voice, there are some facial expressions and behavior changes, such as frown, smile, a sense of relief, shrug, etc. (Scenario 2).

These tone tones, facial expressions and body movements are directly related to the user's emotion and are the expression of the user's emotional response. It is because the user mood is induced to lead to the user's tone tone, facial expression, body movements and other changes in appearance.

Identifying emotions helps identify problems

User stand-by is not unfamiliar to the user researcher, if the user is more than the situation, will affect the overall process of research, so recruiting to participate in a strong intention of the target user is very important. The change of tone intonation (scenario 1) in the process of user recruitment can be used as one of the active factors to judge the user's participation. In the case of other screening conditions, the priority is to actively participate in the user, the attitude of the general users can be placed in the standby library, thereby reducing the user's default rate. such as "OK, no problem, you send me the address, will be on time to pass ...", "Set this time, then there will be free in the past ...", through the words of these two users, can perceive the first user to participate significantly higher than the second user, the first user is to use "no problem" "punctual" to the commitment to strengthen the affirmation , and the second user implicitly assumes "free" to consider participating, so you can prioritize the first user and the second as an alternative.

The changes in tone tone, facial expression and body movements (scenario 2) can be used as clues to the problem excavation. Tone tone, facial expression, body movements are the user's emotional response, and the cause of emotional response to our research projects may be directly related to the investigation of the cause of emotional reasons, to find out the problem of products. As in usability testing, after the user completes a task to feedback the operation process smoothly, no problem, but by observing the user's expression and behavior will find that the user in the process of "frown" or issued "Tut" "hissing" and other sounds, and the mouse path is also tried to find an accurate entrance, These behaviors indicate that the user may be confused in certain parts of the task operation, not as smooth as he imagines. Therefore, as a moderator or observer, to observe the user's actions in the emotional response, to identify the mood changes, to help find the product problems.

According to the theory of emotional ABC, emotions are generated by events, and different perceptions of the same event induce a distinct mood. In the research, the user's background knowledge structure is different, the task will produce the different cognition, thus appears the dissimilarity mood.

Therefore, the study of the implementation of mining user tone, expression, behavior behind the specific reasons become very important, can better detect users in the use of products in the process of problems and user needs.

Evaluate user sentiment in product usage

In addition to identifying emotional changes to help identify product issues, we can also measure the user's emotions during the product's use.

The measurement of emotion usually involves several aspects of the emotional response, including the user's subjective experience, facial expression and physiological reaction. There are a lot of ways to measure, and here are just a few common methods:

Subjective experience: Use self-reporting to allow users to evaluate their emotional experience, such as using a 7-point scale or 5-point scale to allow users to assess their subjective feelings.

Behavioral response: You can use the emotion assessment scale, such as user researcher to record the user's behavior first, then according to the emotion behavior scale to evaluate the user's behavior, can also use the Noldus behavior Analysis system to analyze the user's behavior, evaluate the user's mood.

Physiological response: Changes in physiological response to the general eye is difficult to see, can only rely on professional instruments to measure, such as through the Affectaura physiological instrument, such as the instrument to understand the user in various physiological indicators (skin electricity, ECG, etc.) changes.

In practical application, the subjective experience of the measurement of more, behavioral response and physiological response measurement in the academic research application more, at the company level application of less, I think the reason is: first, from the operation, subjective experience measurement easier to operate, users as long as the evaluation of their feelings can; The execution and analysis of behavioral responses and physiological responses require professional conduct, and the execution and analysis processes require strict control. The second is that behavioral reaction and physiological reaction are partial basic research, which is still different from practical application in enterprise. Third, the purchase of professional equipment is also a lot of costs, not every enterprise is willing to pay this fee.

In addition to the use of emotional findings, research can also measure the emotional potency of the product, and assess whether the product induces positive, neutral, or negative emotions.

Evaluate the meaning of product sentiment

Does it make sense to evaluate the product's mood? To answer this question, not to be associated with Maslow's hierarchy of demand theory, demand for basic requirements and advanced requirements, corresponding to the product found that our current research to meet the basic needs of users, such as usability testing in order to tap the pain point and basic functional requirements, To ensure the availability of products, ease of use and other basic needs to meet, and now more and more products are not limited to the basic needs of the satisfaction, but to the emotional direction of development, the pursuit of the enjoyment of advanced functions such as the realization of the experience. Therefore, the evaluation of products to induce the user's emotions, and constantly optimize the product, so that users better use of products, to obtain a more enjoyable experience, the initiative to share and promote the product is also very important.

Next to appreciate a few authors feel good products, see how they grasp the user sentiment, the use of emotion for product services:

Figure 1: The use of facial expressions instead of the general loading mode, subtly induce the user positive emotion, and attach a simple product introduction can divert the user's attention, reduce negative emotion generation

Affectaura It takes a load time to render the result, but Affectaura no one feels that waiting is a more painful thing because:

1) with expression instead of the general loading progress, imperceptibly affect the user positive emotion;

2 introduce the content of facial recognition tool to transfer the user's attention, reduce the anxiety of the user waiting from the psychological feeling level.

Figure 2: Interesting logo display to attract users, improve product viscosity

Google since the Chinese mainland, the day-to-day search has moved to Baidu, but I will always pay attention to Google, because Google's logo is very attractive to me.

In general, the identification and use of user sentiment in research is conducive to the discovery of problems, at the same time, to assess the user's mood to use products, and constantly optimize the product, can improve the user to use the product of pleasure, the initiative to share and promote products.

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