How to implement remote shutdown in LAN

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The syntax format for the shutdown command is: shutdown [-i/-l/-s/-r/-a][-f][-m[computername]][-t xx][-c "message"][-d[u][p]:xx:yy]

  The meaning of each parameter is:

-I display graphical interface dialog box;

-L Log off the current user (the default setting logs off the current user);

-S shuts down the computer;

-R reboot immediately after shutdown;

-A terminates the shutdown, except for-L and ComputerName, the system ignores other parameters. During the timeout period, you can only use-A;

-F forces the application to be closed;

-M [ComputerName] Specifies the computer to be shut down, and does not specify a default for this machine;

-T XX will be used for system shutdown timer set to xx seconds, the default is 20 seconds;

-C "message" Specifies that messages will be displayed in the messages area in the System Shutdown window with a maximum of 127 characters;

-D [U][p]:xx:yy lists the reason codes for system shutdown, which is used for system shutdown logging;

Use the following methods:

1. Shutdown-r-F

2. Start menu-Turn off computer-reboot

Two commands run at the same time, of course, it is best to stop some important services, such as database to prevent loss of data. The first shutdown command will have a delay after execution. Can ensure that the program does not quit, if you simply use the Start menu Restart command for remote restart, the server can not shut down the probability of normal shutdown is quite large, can be said to be very unreliable, but shutdown command to be more reliable, But still in order to complete, the author each time is two commands at the same time, although the trouble is always better than to find the computer room staff to facilitate the point, after all, the server is not often restarted.

  Shutdown command Use instance:

1. Shutdown-r-F

This command requires the computer to force the shutdown of any application immediately and restart the computer. If you do not need to reboot, then only need to change-r to-S can, if need to delay a period of time only need to add-t XXX, plus time delay is equivalent to the preset command, in the system some tasks are not running after the situation is very useful, such as download complete, program running.

2. Shut down the remote computer

Use parameter-m[computername] to specify the name of the remote computer that will be turned off or restarted (default to native action if not set or null)

Shutdown-s-M Remotewin-t 45

The above command closes a computer named Remotewin in the local area network within 45 seconds, and if you return to the "ACCESS is denided" prompt, you do not have permission to shut down the remote computer. You need to set Windows security Policy or be authorized to shut down the computer remotely.

3, the dialog box interface to execute the shutdown command

Just add an "I" parameter to the shutdown command above

4) Cancel the shutdown command

After performing the above shutdown command, if you regret and want to cancel the shutdown immediately, please enter the command immediately: shutdown-a, you can immediately cancel the above related shutdown operation, of course, the prerequisite shutdown command set the shutdown time has not yet come, if the computer into the shutdown state or the original setting of the shutdown command is immediately shut down the machine has been powerless, Canceling the shutdown is not effective.


1, after we set the reboot, everyone can sum up their own remote computer's actual restart time, until you can log on, the maintenance of the server time is very important, usually 3-4 minutes, this time will be "self-test", "Start running software such as Ghost,", "Start menu delay wait, For example, a double-kai system or a key to restore the default wait time, such as the impact, if more than the time limit of their hunches, such as half an hour, the computer is too little meaning, can only seek the room to help settle the staff.

2, shutdown remote shutdown is required permissions, in the Gpedit.msc Group Policy Editor, open the Computer Configuration--windows Settings-security Settings-Local policy-User rights assignment, in the right window, select "Force shutdown from remote system" for setting or permission assignment.

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