How to implement the integration of rational product and enterprise user management system based on jazz team server

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How to introduce the newly introduced rational Web in the course of the introduction of Rational Team Concert (RTC), rational Quality Manager (RQM), based on your Jazz team Server-led products Service fast and effective integration with existing IT systems, will be the first problem for enterprise IT personnel. This article focuses on answering this question, detailing how you can implement the integration of enterprise user management systems (such as LDAP) and Jazz Team Server user management that are already in the IT system after the successful deployment of Jazz team server.

Jazz Team Server is a java-based Web application that is encapsulated as a Web archive file (WAR file), published with Rational Team Concert 1.0 (RTC1.0). The user provides the underlying WEB service platform for the RTC by deploying Jazz Team Server to the application server (for example, IBM wehsphere application Server;apache Tomcat). Jazz Team Server will be the collaboration platform for IBM Rational next-generation products, providing We for rtc,rqm (rational Quality Manager) and RRC (rational requirement Composer) B service.

However, in the process of introducing rational products, such as RTC, RQM and so on, how to integrate the newly introduced rational WEB services quickly and effectively with existing IT systems will be the first problem for the enterprise IT personnel. This article will focus on this issue, detailing how to implement the Enterprise user management (for example, LDAP) that is already in the IT system and integrate with Jazz Team Server user management after successfully deploying Jazz team server.

User management mechanism for JAZZ team Server

Based on Jazz team Server, Rational products in the running process, the user's authentication management and Rights management as two separate parts of the management. Jazz Team Server stripped the user authentication work and gave it to the application server (application server) where the Jazz team server was running. The Jazz team Server itself only implements the rights management of the user, that is, the authenticated user is authorized to manage. That is, the Jazz team server is invisible to the user's logon password during service delivery to the user, and the certificate information for the Jazz Team Server user, such as user name, login password, email, etc., is registered by jazz Team Server External application servers or user Directory protocol LDAP, which provides authentication capabilities for application services, is managed and maintained.

User authentication management for Jazz team Server

Jazz Team Server runs on the application server and uses the user authentication management mechanism provided by the application server, and the advantage is that, first, the application server is used to handle user authentication, and the Jazz team server manages the authentication and authorization separately. The outward transfer of user management authentication allows Jazz team Server to focus more on business logic without having to worry about user access security. Second, the integration of Jazz team server with LDAP can be realized by using the integrated interface of the application server and the Enterprise common Lightweight Directory Access Management Protocol LDAP, which enables jazz team server to reuse the users of the existing IT system, and jazz team Se RVer is seamlessly connected to existing IT systems. Third, the user authentication management is placed at the application server level, enabling administrator users to perform service configuration for the Jazz team server, such as user rights configuration, and so on, while the Jazz team Server background database is not already configured.

The following figure is a good illustration of the user authentication process when a user sends a logon request to Jazz team Server:

Figure 1. Application Server implements JAZZ Team Server user authentication

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