How to import 360 browser favorites to Google's Bookmarks Bar

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Open the menu "favorites"-"more functions"-"Export favorites" in the 360 browser ......", Export a file similar to "20111117-112826.html.

Open Google's browser, click the wrench icon next to the address bar, and select "bookmarks"-"" bookmarks manager "in the pop-up menu ".

In the bookmarks list on the left, click "sort"-"import bookmarks from HTML files ......", Complete.


The following describes the advantages and disadvantages of these two browsers:

1. all are multi-process, but when multiple web pages are opened under win7 and minimized, clicking "360" browser will display a preview window for you to choose which page to open, google Chrome directly opens the browser.

In this regard, 360 browsers are inconvenient to use.

2. All of them have the Web favorites function. Although Google's favorites are named as tags, they have the same meaning. I think it is better to add them to favorites. At first, I started using the Web favorites feature in the 360 browser.

3. Each browser has its shortcomings. It is recommended that more than two browsers be installed on one machine to prevent the problem of opening a page in one browser.

4. Google's browser looks clean and has a very small title bar. The title bar of the 360 browser occupies a large space.

5.360 the browser opens a new page when opening the favorite page, while Google opens the page on the current page, unless you press and hold down the ctrl key, this is not very good, it seems there is no option to set.

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