How to import playlists into Xbox Music

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No modern version of itunes app? Microsoft teaches you how to import playlists into Xbox Music

Last week, Tamiri Tami Reller, Microsoft's Windows division, said the company had tried to persuade Apple to make a Windows 8 office (modern Interface) itunes app, but unfortunately it didn't succeed.

But Microsoft is not discouraged, and today, the company has introduced another roundabout approach--through the regular desktop version of itunes, the playlist into the Windows 8 Xbox Music application.

Microsoft has published an article on its Windows Experience blog and has step-by-step instructions on how to operate it.

First, the user opens the Xbox Music application and clicks or touches my music.

Next, click the menu option for the playlist, and then right-click (or swipe up) to eject the application's command menu.

Finally, the user can click on the "Import Playlist" (imported Playlist) on the menu.

The application then looks at the music playlist created by the desktop version of itunes. Subscribers to the Xbox Music pass to see if there is a match on the Xbox Music store. If a match is found, the user can successfully upload the itunes playlist to their Windows 8 PC, Windows Phone smartphone, or Xbox 360 game console.

Unfortunately, there is not even a desktop version of the itunes app on Windows Rt. In this case, Microsoft said, "If you want to import a playlist of itunes on a Windows RT device, you first need to move all the music files from the library to the PC on which you installed itunes, and then do the same."

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