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With the rapid development of wireless technology, the home wireless network has been developed from 802.11b 11Mbps to 802.11g 54Mbps, and a lot of personal users with special requirements for wireless coverage and transmission speed have adopted more advanced extension 54M and 108Mbps network.

Although the technology can achieve high-speed wireless transmission, including Internet extranet and the network of computers between the data transmission, but the wireless signal and transmission speed is a lot of objective and external factors constraints. So how to maximize the stability of the wireless network and transmission speed?

One, the stability of wireless network:

What is stability? That is, the signal should be good, the intensity of the signal should be kept unchanged, even if the weak signal can not appear a weak one will not be a good phenomenon. Considering the stability of the wireless network, we should start from three aspects.

(1) Wireless device location:

The so-called wireless is at a certain distance and range of wireless, so we can not put the wireless router hundreds of meters away from the room to receive the signal. As a result, the placement of wireless devices in the entire room (the entire wireless network) is also a key factor in determining the stability of the wireless signal.

Generally speaking, wireless routers should be placed in the middle of the entire room, regardless of the signal coverage or transmission speed can get the best results. Because the signal of the wireless transmitting antenna on the router is a circular range, if you put the wireless router in a corner of the whole room is tantamount to wasting half of the space, naturally seriously affect the wireless signal coverage, wireless network range from the default of the entire circle into half a circle, so that wireless performance greatly discounted. (Computer science)

In addition to our room there will be many wall corners, each corner will affect the transmission of wireless signals, so in the design of wireless networks and equipment placement should try to avoid corners. This is the same as the previous one where wireless devices are placed in the middle of the room. I have put the notebook in the living room behind the TV, and wireless router placed in the study, wireless signal transmission routes need to pass the study and living room two corners, and finally through the television, even if the expansion of 54M to transmit, still can not receive any signal.

Finally, the point is that when we put the wireless device in the corner of the room, the whole room is in the wireless signal coverage, the signal is also very stable, but because your wireless equipment in the corner of the room, especially the occupants of the building will receive wireless signals from other huxing and neighbors, The superposition of multiple wireless signals naturally affects the stability of the signal itself. So the best way is to put the wireless router in the living room or the middle of the room.

(2) The stability of the wireless router itself:

As a result of wireless router brand many, the price difference is also very big, coupled with some foreign products and other characteristics, resulting in the wireless router's own stability and functional aspects of a big difference. When your wireless network signal instability and wireless router placement is not a problem, we should first consider the problem of the wireless router itself.

In this case we can close the laptop to the wireless router, or the wireless router to the PC plugged into the wireless network nearby, reduce the distance to see the stability of the wireless signal. If the connection speed and signal strength is still not ideal, you need to start checking the stability of the wireless router. The most common approach is to download the latest patches or firmware drivers from the official homepage of the wireless product manufacturer.

The upgrade driver method is particularly effective for wireless router signals that are not stable or are automatically dropped by wireless cards at intervals of several minutes.

(3) The wireless card's own stability:

As with wired networks, wireless routers need to see the wireless network card if they are still unstable without problems. The problem of wireless card is mainly in the following two aspects.

First, the wireless card itself is the driver, be sure to use the drive on the disc to install the wireless network card, and the installation process will not be for Win98 driver to XP or 2000. The author once to own Lenovo notebook installation Tp-link drive directly with the form of automatic scanning disc, the results of the scan to the driver installed on the crash, repeated tests repeatedly failure. Finally found that the original CD-ROM automatically scan to the driver is actually for Win98, while the other directory of the CD-ROM XP driver has not been automatically scanned found, so take the manual installation drive after the problem solved. Therefore, whether the driver is correct or not is the official version of the driver is the main factor in determining the stability of the wireless network.

Second, is the wireless network card itself connection speed, it is well-known in the wired network when two computers in the network transmission data if a computer network card is set to single or transmission speed of 10M, while the other computer network card is duplex or transmission speed is 100M, At this point, there will be two network cards frequently negotiate connection speed and working mode and not normal transmission or frequent disconnect. Wireless network card is also the case, may have users in the wireless router set to 54M transmission speed, and their own wireless network card only 11M transmission speed, this time there will be the negotiation of both the frequency and mode of connection speed slow or unstable situation, This is why it is recommended to buy wireless equipment when the best choice of packaged products, after all, in connection with the speed and working mode, and many other aspects of the package are compatible with each other.

Tips: Of course, many brands of wireless network card transmission speed can adjust themselves, that is, not only work in the 11M and 54M two modes, he will be based on the wireless signal and wireless network situation to automatically adjust the automatic selection of a suitable speed to transmit, the author of the T43 notebook is this, This feature reduces the occurrence of wireless network instability due to a mismatch in the operating speed of the wireless card.

Second, the wireless signal Stability:

Described above are for the wireless router, wireless network card hardware devices adopted to improve the speed of wireless transmission and improve the stability of the method. There are many factors that affect the stability and connection speed of wireless signal in practice. Here are a few points for you readers.

(1) Reduce frequency band interference:

We choose a band when we release the wireless network, in theory, too much Wi-Fi in the same band can seriously affect the strength of the signal, which means that if your home uses the same wireless signal band as other wireless signals, then some two wireless networks will be affected. Therefore, it is a good idea to change a signal transmitting band by wireless router when the network is unstable.

Tips: Multiple AP and multiple wireless routers between the SSID name and frequency band will not interfere with each other, nature will not affect your data transmission. There are too many wireless networks in the same band that can interfere.

(2) Reject DHCP packets:

Experienced users know that DHCP services can help us automatically allocate the IP addresses of computers in the network, but in actual use DHCP can cause network instability, such as the lease to get IP again but found that other computers in the network are already using the IP address, Or the DHCP information is frequently negotiated between the computer and the wireless router. In fact, these DHCP packets can not be completely, for the average home users, the network is not a large number of computers, we can manually set the IP address and other network parameters to reduce the DHCP packet.

Once a friend told me that his family's wireless network is very unstable, and later do not use DHCP directly to specify IP will no longer line.

(3) spin down to improve stability:

First let's take a look at this example-I have a wireless network with the neighbors, he is D-link wireless router, my side is Netcom wireless Network Bridge, the recent frequent disconnection, the speed of the connection is very slow. After inspection found that do not know when more than a Linksys equipment (Linksys signal is very strong) occupied Channel6, as long as he turned on the impact of the quality of our connection, the original ping packet loss rate from 1% Hu Shen to 50%. Then will transmit the signal frequency band adjusts to Channel1, who knows discovers two channel1 equipment in nearby, turns CHANNEL11 unexpectedly has 5 radio. How to solve it?

The above example is the author I have encountered, it can be seen that the wireless network is very popular, because the same band of wireless network will interfere with each other so 13 bands have not enough for everyone to use, how to solve this problem? The general wireless router will have the function of automatic selection of frequency bands, if not so completely can put your wireless equipment working mode from 802.11g to 802.11b. Although the speed is reduced, but it brings stability benefits, so to a certain extent reduce the speed of transmission can make our wireless network more stable.


These tips are just the author in the actual summed up in the hope that you IT168 readers help, after all, I hope that their home wireless become "unlimited" is our every user's hope. Now that we've chosen wireless, we're going to be wireless.

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