How to improve broadband differential service with switched routers

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In the broadband access technology, authentication, access control and bandwidth management are organically combined. Authentication technology first completes the network use of authentication, is the basic guarantee of billing, through authentication, users can authenticate the legality, which in the billing system is a foundation.

After the user name is dynamically correlated with the network characteristics of the terminal, these network characteristics can be used to control the data flow of the user.

Time-long charge mode based on bandwidth

For the time-long charging mode under the bandwidth control, through the authentication login and cancellation, the authentication checks the network and so on the function accurate obtains the user to surf the net the time and the time length, provides the basic data to the billing system, may when the user logs in the payment system to obtain the prepayment balance remaining on-line long, the remaining time long exhaustion can voluntarily force the user to

Flowmeter fee pattern differentiated by flow direction

According to the pattern of flowmeter charge according to the flow direction, through the authentication process, the user and MAC address and IP address are dynamically bound, through the control strategy based on access, the traffic flow of each MAC address can be statistically analyzed, and the traffic statistics based on destination IP can be carried out on each port. Used for the user's inbound traffic statistics, when the user logs out, will be summarized based on the Mac and IP traffic statistics information, and reported to the billing system; Support dynamic escalation of traffic, to support the prepaid fee method.

Monthly fee model based on business distinction

According to the business of the monthly subscription system fee model, through the user's access control can provide no value-added business of the basic monthly system, value-added services arbitrary choice of the monthly system; Through with the billing system, access to the time period of the limited user distance from the end of the hour, to the end of the time can actively force users offline Through the bandwidth control function based on the user, the system is completed by the monthly bandwidth fee.

Support for non-certified business

There will be some business in operation network, such as: VoIP Access Service, enterprise users in the complex building, etc., the VLAN ID can be used as the identity of access control, and different access control strategies are adopted for the network devices with different VLAN IDs under the same physical interface.

If the picture is a typical integrated building access to the application environment, for enterprise users, because of their higher credit rating, you can subtract every time the red tape authentication. For the Voice Access Service under SoftSwitch system, due to the current many

IAD devices do not basically support the ability to authenticate clients, so they cannot be required to provide authentication data. However, for these users and the business, there is also the need for access control, the access switch can be provided by the 802.1q VLAN IDs, respectively, access control. The IAD device can only exchange data with SoftSwitch system, realize the mapping of TOS to QoS, and so on, for enterprise users to access control such as broadband limit.

Policy-based access control

Broadband access Service providers can form a "package" by packaging the services they choose for their customers. Service here refers to the bandwidth, time, access to resources and other content, by way of packaging, increase the competitiveness of differentiated services, improve the customer's selectivity (if the choice is too complex or separate too much will make customers difficult to choose).

Advantages of access control policies combined with user groups

Service packaging can be for the whole network users to unified planning, and its corresponding tariff standards can also be unified planning. As the service package is ultimately embodied in the formulation of the strategy, therefore, the access control strategy and the access point are also unified planning, and do not need to establish individual access control points and access controls for each cell, which can greatly reduce the cost of network construction, so that the development of small and medium-sized community broadband users become possible.

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