How to improve the probability of bulk mail incoming inbox

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The core of ensuring that your mail gets into your inbox and has high feedback is to "send the right message to the right person at the right time."

Only when the information I send is of interest, need, relevance, and value to the recipient, will he be able to set the sender to a whitelist, move the message from the trash to the Inbox, Star Mail, open the message, click the link. Otherwise do more authentication settings, and a good ISP relationship will not be able to permanently let the message reach the contact's inbox.

Junk e-mail judgment steps:

The first step is to determine the connection, if your IP domain name in the blacklist in this step may be directly rejected;

The second step is to determine the account, if the pickup address does not exist, the mailbox is full in this step will be bounced back;

The third step is mail filtering, different ISPs have different filter, which is the core of their technology to intercept spam;

The fourth step is to post the message into the Inbox, Trash, or ISP black hole based on the previous comprehensive judgment.

First, technical settings

1.1 Fixed IP address

Rent a few, dozens of IPs based on your own shipment volume. Dynamic IP is a major feature of spam sending and is easily blocked. IP is the origin of the Mail, ISPs, third-party anti-spam organizations, white/blacklist agencies have sent a reputation for sending the history of IP estimates, if you have been good, IP reputation will be very high, first the ISP will accept your mail, and then may give us a higher frequency of reception. And we have to do white list also must have fixed IP.

1.2 Sending a domain name

Because the person who sends the spam will use the dynamic IP, the ISP will synthesize the IP and the domain name to look together. Sending a domain name is best to use a two-level domain name, because your recipient may still be someone to complain, report, or competitor intentionally spoof, so use two-level domain name can protect the primary domain name, lest use their own business email message is blocked off.

1.3 RFC Compliance

RFC2821 RFC2822 SMTP Basic protocol This compliance is still to be observed.

1.4 Anti-Solution domain

Each IP must be bound to have anti-solution domain name, this lease IP when the computer room is generally able to do well. The effect of anti-solution domain name on service is not very big, but it is still to be done in actual experience.

2. Authentication settings

2.1 Sender Policy Framework

SPF Record. Simply said in the domain name of the description of a number of specific IP to the ISP to see, if the email sent from these IP is my real send, if not these IP sent but also used my domain name, it should be careful this is counterfeit mail. The setting is to write some IP values in the TXT record of the DNS record of the domain name, the settings are complete, you can send a message to Gmail, and if you see a word like Spf=pass after the original message, the settings are correct. Gmail\hotmail\yahoo\qq\ NetEase will check this setting, which is also the most basic setting.

2.2 DomainKeys identified Mail

Dkim record. When sending, the domain name, sender, subject, and so on can be encrypted into a cryptographic signature, placed in the mail letterhead, the recipient through the public key (written in the DNS record) authentication. This is how the upgrade version is validated. After Setup is complete, you can send a message to Gmail, and if you see a word like Dkim=pass after the original message appears, the settings are correct. Gmail\hotmail\yahoo\ NetEase will also check this setting.

The above two settings are based on the most basic domain name authentication, be sure to do. The other sender Id\domain keys can choose to do.

3. Message content

3.1 Text content and format

Subject and email are as far as possible to avoid invoices, promotions, free, crab words and other keywords, strange symbols, too much red and yellow, super-large font is also best not to use.

3.2 HTML code

Concise code, TD tr Layout. JS code and so will increase the suspicion of junk mail. Also do not add attachments, if there are any documents need to download, add a link on the line.

3.3 Links in the mail

First of all to ensure that their site links are safe and legal. If you use a link that is often sent by spammers, you may also have an impact on your inbox rate, such as, and it's best to do more testing.

3.4 Graphic ratio

Send a picture directly or cut a few pictures sent to the situation, a great opportunity to be blocked.

There is a lot of attention to the impact of the message content on the Inbox, which is documented later.

4. Honorary degree (reputation)

When the IP, domain name, send authentication passed, the other mailbox is not full, also not an invalid address, came to the ISP decided to put your mail in the garbage box or the key moment of the inbox: reputation judgment.

What is reputation? For example, if we have IP domain name and also do certification, it is equivalent to get a driver's license. Reputation is equal to the driver's license score, if the red light will be deducted points, sent spam messages will also be deducted points.

Second, who decides our reputation? These people are: ISPs, third-party anti-spam agencies, third-party credit rating agencies, and most importantly, recipients.

Second, what is the judgment dimension of reputation degree?

Send/Send frequency connection to the other server too frequently, each connection to send too many messages, each IP to establish too many connections, the connection time-out times too good, the sending frequency too high caused the other side a large number of server resource consumption, may be blocked by the other server, different ISPs have different rules, These parameters all need to accumulate optimizations in the actual send. In other words, the unit time too much, the corresponding complaints and invalid address number is higher, it is likely to be blocked. So the more you send, the better it is.

PS: Trading mails can be sent at high frequency, and ISPs have a wide range of such mails.

Invalid address rate for an ISP, an invalid address is a waste of server resources, so you need to control the invalid address rate. QQ Mailbox can traverse QQ number generation address, so they will be more strict control of invalid address rate. The Return path report shows that 30% of people change their e-mail address each year (for reasons such as job change); ISPs regularly recycle 3-9 months of non-landing free mailboxes, input errors, machine registration (input crawl or auto-generated address), competitors malicious registration and other reasons will have invalid address generation. So for each send back letter to be analyzed, build a key font, if you meet certain keywords, this address is definitely invalid, and then do not send again.

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How to improve the probability of bulk mail incoming inbox

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