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I. Selection of keywords

Keywords directly affect your website traffic. Therefore, you cannot select keywords randomly. You need to find meaningful keywords, grass-roots webmasters and enterprise webmasters have different keywords for seo tutorials. Generally, grass-roots webmasters need to find some difficult keywords when selecting keywords, generally, difficult keyword indexes will be very high, so this will quickly bring benefits to your website. Generally, if you select keywords with high indexes, the first thing to do is to confirm that there are no illegal words or illegal keywords, if you do illegal keywords, it is generally blocked by search engines, so you cannot do it, and it may cause your website URL to be blacklisted by the search engine, therefore, when selecting keywords, the grass-roots developers must pay attention to it. Generally, the grass-roots webmaster selects four keywords that are more meaningful and selects two target keywords, which are more difficult and two related keywords, you can also select regional keywords. If you want to optimize the Enterprise site, you must first know that the selection of enterprise site keywords is not too difficult, it takes the fastest time to start your own website. Therefore, when selecting enterprise Site Keywords, you usually select a target keyword, two related keywords, and a long tail keyword, keyword Association is the best. Of course, illegal keywords cannot be selected for enterprise websites. Remember that keyword selection depends on the subject of your website, we need to know this. Now we will summarize the selection Keywords:

1. Select the keywords that match the website theme and associate the keywords.

2. It is best to choose at least four keywords. If there are more than four keywords, the optimization difficulty will be improved.

3. Do not select illegal keywords. Illegal keywords cannot be ranked.

II. Intra-site optimization

The so-called intra-site optimization directly affects the indexing of information on crawlers crawling websites. Therefore, if the site optimization is not good, the crawlers will not include the information on your website, generally, the first step for a spider crawling website is to determine whether your website is static. The second step is to check whether your website meets the search engine optimization requirements, the third part is to include the information in your site to determine the keyword and weight link address. Generally, the weight link address is the homepage, so you do not need to care about it here. The fourth step is to include the information in your site, the better your website is, the better your website will be. Therefore, intra-site optimization is very important. The following is a summary of the methods:

1. Code:

(1) keywords should be embedded in the title. Keywords should be sorted from short to long. If Baidu optimization is made, the "_" separator should be used. If Google is made, the "," separator should be used.

(2) the keyword and description in meta can be embedded into the keyword in the keyword. It is best to embed the keyword into the description, do not write the same information.

(3) alt should be added to the image, and one keyword should be added to each alt. It is not recommended to add multiple keywords. If there are too few images, the keyword can be evenly allocated.

(4) the secondary navigation page appears on every page. If your secondary navigation page only appears on the homepage, it will not be very useful. Therefore, secondary navigation is very important.

(5) the exchange of friendship links is done every day. You can exchange two links every day. Do not exchange too much. It is no good if you exchange too many links, maybe the search engine will think you are cheating.

2. Article updates:

(1) update the articles related to the website topic.

(2) do not include illegal keywords or other information in the article. If illegal keywords appear in the update of the article on the site, the search engine will not include them.

(3) the keyword and link address should be embedded in the article. The interval between the keyword and the link address should be around 8%. Each keyword should be bold and the anchor link should be added.

(4) a unified paragraph should appear at the bottom of the article, and each article will appear at the end of the article.

3. Out-of-site optimization

Everyone knows about off-site optimization, because off-site optimization is an out-of-site chain. If so, it is a bit too general and not professional, in general, the main work of off-site optimization is to attract spider crawlers to crawl websites, and let Spider record times count in the off-site links of your website. How can we do a good job of off-site links, how can I do external links? Let's write it down, hoping to help you:

1. When posting, pay attention to posting in forums and Post bars with high weights. When posting, be sure not to post too many advertisements in your post, and avoid illegal words.

2. There will be Q & A columns in various search engines, so you can find some questions related to the website topic, then answer them, and leave the keywords and link addresses at the end of the answer.

3. Soft text promotion is the best, soft text must be original, soft text should not contain illegal words, and soft text should not be too AD-oriented, the title must be attractive.

4. You must submit the keywords and links of your website on a platform with high weights. You can submit up to five keywords and links each day.


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