How to install Alipay controls and certificates under Win7

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For installation of a password input control on Windows 7, you need to modify the following settings:

1, first set IE8 browser. In Tools-internet options-advanced, Cancel.

Enable memory protection to the check in front of the mitigate online attacks (this step is critical to resolving a password that cannot be entered).

2, Tools-internet options-security inside, remove the check in front of the Enable protected mod.

3, the account controls inside, set the hint level is lowest, the user Accounts and Family safety,user Accounts in the Control Panel, the change user accounts control setting, goes in after setting never Notify

4, restart the computer, or log off.

5, Login Alipay website, will be prompted to install the certificate. By this step, the password problem should be solved.

Or use the following methods:

Turn off DEP data protection directly, open CMD (Command prompt) as an administrator, and enter:

Bcdedit.exe/set {current} NX AlwaysOff

Restart will not take effect, logoff is not. Use Alipay, if you want to restore the original, change the AlwaysOff to OptIn (System defaults) on it, then you can enter the Alipay account.

Problems with installing certificates

Installing a Alipay certificate on Windows 7 typically encounters 2 error prompts.

Error One: 800a138f error

This error is caused by disabling the Microsoft certificate enrollment CAB, which can be canceled.

Workaround: If "error code 800a138f" error occurs, simply install the "Yahoo Helper" and remove the shield from the Microsoft certificate enrollment cab in plug-in management. Of course, the Yahoo Helper can be removed after that.

Error Two: 80070057 error

This error is caused by a Xenroll.dll control that is not registered.

Workaround: Search the file yourself (the filename is the keyword). In the C disk Windows/system32 directory, and then click the "Start" menu, "Run", enter regsvr32 Xenroll.dll can be resolved.


1. When you cancel the disabled Microsoft certificate enrollment CAB, you can also resolve it by modifying the registry, see the appendix later.

2, for Xenroll.dll This DLL file, the version has a lot. Note The file version number "5.131.3686.0″, other versions are not available for Windows 7.

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