How to install and replace a ribbon for a stylus printer

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below to teach you how to install and replace the needle-type printer ribbon! In order to help you effectively use the needle printer, while trying to avoid the printer "sick", this article from the use of a number of details, to the needle printer's use and maintenance of a look back, hoping to "new" people to bring a certain harvest!

1. Change the ribbon with your own hands

Actually, it's not too hard to change the print ribbon yourself. But different types of pin-typed printers, their ribbon racks are not the same structure, fortunately their color belt operating principles are similar, we now take a more commonly used LQ1600 as an example: first, open the printer cover, You'll see a black box with a shape like a clip (usually black), which we call the print rack, where the empty part of the middle is the print head. Remove the print rack, and note that when you disassemble it, pull it from the end of the print head, and the print rack can be easily unloaded. Then you can open the print rack, because the different models of the printer's print frame is different, its ribbon around the method is slightly different, so you have to observe the primary color band around the method, otherwise the ribbon is very likely to not rotate properly and resulting in printing failure. Need to note that the two gears in the print rack to clip the ribbon, and should be parallel to them, otherwise it will lead to the color belt with the rotation of the gear shift, and finally stuck gears can not rotate. After the ribbon is installed, put the print rack back to the original position, the replacement color belt program can be completed.

2, lengthen the needle to strike the color belt The Good method

In fact, as mentioned earlier, the Ribbon is the main supply of needle printer, then we have no way in the day-to-day use of the director of color band life, the answer is yes. I use the printer AR3200 For example, you can introduce several ways to save color bands, of course, other printers can refer to use.

1 Prepare two printing ribbon boxes, with color darker (new) color belt print formal manuscript, with a lighter color (used, but with the base must be intact, otherwise it will damage the needle) of the Ribbon Print informal manuscript or wax paper.

2 in the Color belt box in the color with transparent tape fixed two small pieces of foam, the ribbon sandwiched between two bubbles, while allowing the foam to suck some of the better quality of the printing ink, so you can keep the color belt moist, extend the use of color band time.

3 with two pieces of good quality printing ink foam gripping the front of the Ribbon box exposed a section of ribbon, gently rotate the color belt rotating shaft, to use a period of time (with the basis of good) and some ink (the whole root ribbon should be added to, otherwise printed when the color depth is different), and then open the Ribbon box to allow the addition of ink ribbon cooler Dry ( Or in the ink to add a small amount of petrol after use, first try to play a few pages of informal draft to make the ink evenly distributed. Print the official draft again.

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