How to install HP 1020 printer driver?

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How to install HP 1020 printer driver? The following small series to teach you to install the HP 1020 printer driver method, I believe there are many friends for HP 1020 printer driver How to install is not too familiar with, below and small set together to see it.

1. First download HP 1020 printer driver, download can be saved on the desktop, double-click to run it, and then point to accept the terms of the agreement.

2. Then click Next and note the path of the driver installation

3. Finish after installation

4. Connect the printer data cable to the computer, then turn on the printer, and if it is connected, turn off the printer and turn it back on, or disconnect the data cable and reconnect until the new hardware icon appears in the lower-right corner.

5. Wait a moment, there will be a search for the printer driver software prompts, click No, temporarily not, and then click a step.

6. Choose to install from a list or a specified location, and then click Next.

7. Click Browse, select My Computer, click the + number to open the local disk.

8. Pull down the scroll bar until you find the program file folder, click the + number to open it, and find the Hewlett-Packard folder, point + number to open it, click LaserJet 1020-1022 Drivers folder, and then click OK.

9. Click the step, note that the location bar is the path to display the driver.

10. There will be the installation of the driver and copy the file interface, if what will be prompted, then point to determine or next, the final point to complete.

11, after installation, point start-All Programs-printers and faxes, will see the latest HP1020 printer icon, right click on it, set as the default printer, and then point properties, test Print test page, if the printing is normal, the installation is successful

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