How to install sunflower boot stick

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How to install sunflower boot Stick

Step One: Install the boot bar

Plug in the power adapter to power the Sunflower boot bar and connect to the route.

Note: Observe the status LED display is normal, if the LED is not lit, please check the connection is normal. Boot Stick LED status description Please refer to help:

  Step two: Set the BIOS

How to set please refer to:

  Step Three: Install Sunflower open Remote boot module

Install sunflower client, use Sunflower account number and password to login sunflower is controlled, and open the remote boot module, this module must be open, if not open, you can not achieve remote boot. After opening the remote boot module, the controlled end can be automatically detected by the boot bar in the LAN and complete the binding.

Step four: Implement remote boot

In the Sunflower Web Main control to select the power-on identification of the offline host direct click operation, you can achieve one-click boot.

On the PC master, right-click the bootable host and select "Remote Boot".

Using an Android phone, you can open a remote PC by clicking the Remote boot button directly.

Sunflower iOS version and Android version of the same, as long as the remote boot button can open the remote PC computer!

Want to experience one-button remote boot of the sunflower powder, quickly landing Sunflower official website, start your remote control new journey bar.

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