How to install MacOS steps

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How to install MacOS steps

Yun Zhengjie

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about installing the Mac operating system in fact, we all know that customer service can help provide software support, and Apple customer service is very polite, and very patient. Special thanks to their help, let me on the Mac operating system of the goodwill has greatly improved. At first, I just got my book last year, because I don't really look at the notebook, I am also very fond of the desktop, because the experience is very good, but because of the work, it may be to go on a business trip with a desktop run around is not appropriate, so decided to buy a low-matching notebook. Just got the notebook 1th day time, I gave the Mac installed a dual system, because the Mac operating system I used not accustomed to the installation and Mac operating system switch up more trouble, this is very painful. So I called the customer service for the first time. Reinstalled the Mac operating system. A year later today I made the same phone call again, the purpose is to reinstall the operating system, so for my convenience, the installation of the notes left here.

A. Prepare to install USB flash drive;

This USB flash drive is used to make Mac operating system, remember, before making a USB flash drive data and computer data backup yo. and change the name of the USB stick to: "myvolume "

Two. Download the operating system image;

1. Open the App Store


2. Search for "Mac" in the search box on the top right, then click Download and the following prompts will appear when the download is complete:

Three. Make a Mac installation image;

1. After downloading, do not move the file path after downloading, you directly open the terminal, and then hit the command at the terminal as follows:

Sudo/applications/install\ macos\ Applicationpath/applications/install\ macos\

2. After entering the above command, you will be asked to enter your computer's password, enter an interactive mode, enter "Y".


 3. You will then copy the image you downloaded to your USB flash drive, so that you can install the operating system


  4. The word "done" will appear when the copy is completed.


Four. Start the Mac OS Installation

1. After you have made the installation image of the operating system, you need to restart the operating system, after restarting, you need to hold down the "option" button until the following interface appears: (Remember to select the device on the right)

2. We will first select the disk tool, in order to be said before the data format out of

3. Select the disk that comes with this machine and format the data: (then you can turn this interface off)

4. Select Install Mac operating system:

5. Click Continue to install:

6. Select where to install the disk:

7. Wait for the installation to complete: (write 7 minutes, of course, the actual situation can be more than yo, about 30 minutes or so)

8. After installation, you need to configure WiFi information, as well as Apple ID and so on, you can input according to Chinese prompts, save time:

9. Installation is complete: (Main your power yo!) Preferably plugged into a power supply to avoid sudden power outages.

When I installed it, I found that I still have 11% power! Note that my operating environment is 10.12, the version after installation is: 10.12.6, as of 2017-8-25 or the latest Mac operating system.

How to install MacOS steps

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