How to install solid state hard disk installation tutorial

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How to install solid state hard disk installation tutorial

The current mainstream solid-state hard disk interface for SATA and mSATA, where SATA is the most common, and msata is mainly applicable to notebooks, but now the new desktop computer motherboards are also beginning to support the mSATA interface, let's go over the details below.

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The most common SATA interface Solid state HDD Installation method:

Solid-state hard disk discard traditional hard disk mechanical structure and porcelain storage media, using electronic storage media for data storage and reading, breakthrough platform in the access performance bottlenecks, has a very high storage performance, the speed of a significant increase, so if the future users need to consider upgrading computers and so on, solid-state hard disk is worth choosing. At present, our most common standard SSD solid state Drive, adopt the SATA Interface specification, installs the way with the general SATA interface hard disk, the following brief introduction.

The most common SATA solid-state hard drive installation method

When a new solid-state drive is installed, many new cases are now designed with solid-state hard disk positions, especially when the smaller SATA solid-state drives are installed on traditional mechanical hard disk positions. Therefore, we recommend that you choose some of the 2012 production of motherboards, in order to better install solid-state drives. But if the 2.5-inch SSD is the same size as the traditional hard drive, then can be directly installed in the traditional solid-state hard disk positions can, because very simple, here is not detailed, as long as the solid state hard disk installed in the host hard disk positions, and then use screws fixed, and then connect the hard disk data line and power cord can be, the following figure:

Common mainstream SSD solid state hard Disk installation method

Next let's look at the mSATA interface of the Kanban. How to install the solid-state hard disk.

Onboard mini mSATA Solid state HDD Installation method:

As the mSATA interface specification in the formulation, before the main widely used in notebook computer motherboards, installation such as wireless network card, solid-state hard disk and other equipment. But this year desktop boards also began to support the mSATA solid-state hard disk interface, but the user has little contact, many people do not know the existence of this interface specification, not to mention how to install the use, with the solid-state hard disk technology mature, the future solid-state hard disk in our computer will gradually become popular, So computer enthusiasts follow the small set together to see how to install the Mini solid-state drive.

Onboard mSATA Interface (SSD) solid-state drives do not need to worry about installation problems

In fact, the mSATA interface of solid-state hard disk is not difficult to use, mSATA Interface Specification SSD solid state hard disk installation even only three steps can be completed, details are as follows:

Step one, first find the corresponding interface in the motherboard (mainly this year, some of the new motherboards only, purchase must pay attention to and consultation clear), and then the mini solid-state hard disk into 45° angle into the mSATA interface, the following figure:

Insert the solid state hard drive into the mSATA interface at 45° angle

Step two, the Mini SSD solid-state hard drive down gently, so that the hard disk gold fingers and interface tentacles close contact, the following figure:

After inserting the motherboard corresponding connector, press down on the mini solid State Drive

Step three, the use of screws, the mini SSD solid State Drive fixed on the motherboard can be

Fixed Solid State Drive

Mini version of the integration of higher mSATA Interface specification slots, the use of 52pin onboard motherboard design, can be the mini SSD solid State drive directly installed and fixed on the motherboard, and simple installation steps, only need to be the Mini SSD solid-state hard disk into the mSATA interface, the 45° angle, And the hard drive under the pressure fixed on the motherboard can complete the installation steps, than the ordinary 2.5-inch hard disk, in the fixed and connected lines, save a lot of trouble.

Using the mSATA interface specification of the Mini SSD solid-state hard disk, the volume is more lightweight, more convenient to use, while the design structure and operating principle is still the same as ordinary SSD solid-state drives, the use of electronic storage media for data storage and reading, so in performance with the normal SSD solid-state drives, the same with fast read , the performance is more than twice times higher than the original mechanical hard drive.

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