How to install the U-Boot win7pe System maintenance Toolbox to the computer Local system disk?

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First of all, the above mentioned completed installation to the computer after the main program, open the main program has two modes (choose the installation location) for everyone to choose: (as shown in the following picture)

① computer Local system disk;

② Mobile Disk (U disk);

Now we click on the "Computer Local system Disk", as shown in the following figure:

As shown in the image above, when the "Computer Local system disk" is checked, click on the "Start Installation" button, then there will be a confirmation of the installation of the prompt window, at this point we just click the "OK" button to continue! The following illustration shows:

As shown in the figure above, when the "OK" button is clicked, an installation progress bar will appear, as shown in the following figure for installing the "U Start windows7pe Toolbox" to the computer local system disk, we do not do other operations until the installation is complete, so as not to install failed!

As shown in the figure above, when the installation of the progress bar is completed, an installation of the "U Launch windows7pe Toolbox" has been successfully installed to the confirmation window, as shown in the following figure, we simply click the "OK" button to:

OK, the "U Start windows7pe Toolbox" has been successfully installed into the computer's local system disk! As shown in the following illustration: For the interface after installation, the "Start Installation" button will automatically display the "Installed" button at this point!

To this, we just close the software window!

So what do we do when we successfully install the "U Start windows7pe Toolbox" to the computer's local disk? Where is the installation? I believe this question will be asked! Don't worry, go ahead and watch the tutorial!

Restart the computer (after the shutdown of the same), boot the first screen after the cycle by the next key (↑↓), until there is a choice of the interface out of position! (The choice of the interface if you do not press up and down the key words will stay for 3 seconds, and then automatically started from the computer system, if you press the top and bottom direction keys will stay in the page, waiting for your choice!) As shown in the following illustration:

As shown in the figure above, two options appear, the first is the default from the computer Local system boot, the second is the U start windows7pe Toolbox. The U start windows7pe Toolbox is able to help you maintain the system when the system is inaccessible, now let's select "U Start windows7pe Toolbox" and press Enter enter "Enter", as shown in the following diagram to enter the U start windows7pe Toolbox, This toolbox is actually a win7pe system.

The image above is an interface that has been pressed up and down to ↑↓ selected to the "U Start windows7pe Toolbox"!

The image above is the default interface to press ENTER after the "U Start windows7pe Toolbox" is selected!

The above figure is press up and down key ↑↓ Select to Win7pe system interface!

The image above is to start the WIN7PE system interface after pressing the ENTER key!

The image above is the interface that is loading the WINDOWS7PE system desktop!

The image above is the interface that has entered the U-boot windows7pe system desktop!

When successfully entered the WIN7PE system, you can do whatever you want, such as: Format disk, hard disk partition, copy data, reload system, such as a series of tools available!

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