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Dell PE2950 Server (2*4 kernel cpu,16g memory, 6*300g hard disk) for installation of LoadRunner.
Install the Windows 2003 server operating system first on these machines.

Generally standard Dell PE2950, install win 2003 server, no problem. But I have a slightly higher configuration, the installation process has some problems, now recorded to facilitate the encounter similar problems friends.

Such a high configuration of the server, no installation precedent, can only grope.

First, preparatory work

1. Dual-hole USB drive to ensure that there is sufficient voltage for luxury Dell use (if the server does not have an optical drive)

2.Dell to the specific boot CD, must be Dell's aftermarket, online download is useless

3. You can ask SA in advance to help do the raid strategy

Second, guide

Because the machine does not have a preloaded boot, we need to use the CD to boot ourselves.

Guidance is the most troublesome process. Need to get Dell's specific bootable CD-ROM, not download from the Internet (try to vomit blood is useless). Boot-> Press F11 to enter boot-> choose to boot from DVD-> wait for boot drive.

After the graphical interface comes out, select the language version-> choose to install the operating system.

Go to the server settings and follow the prompts to set them individually. The process needs to fill in the user name, ProductID, computer name, DNS, gateway and other information, also need to configure RAID and physical disk.

Remember to check the auto eject boot disk.

Then enter the actual installation stage of the operating system. When you automatically boot to a certain stage, the boot disk pops up and prompts you to insert the installation CD for Win 2003 server. Insert to automatically copy the contents of the CD.

Here is also very depressing, obviously your CD is no problem, the machine is constantly prompted to insert the installation disk problems. What to do? Exit to Reseat. If you repeat two or three times or if there is a problem with the installation disk, you should suspect that the USB light

There is a problem with the drive (the optical drive is broken, or 2950 is not good enough to recognize your USB drive). Switch to a good optical drive ... NND, if you encounter such a bad thing, there is no way ...

third, Win2003 server installation

Reboot the server and follow the prompts to make sure Win2003 server remains in the CD drive. It will continue to restart, do not care about it, as long as can be installed to the final success of the good!

Note: Even if the boot is successful, it is possible to jump out of the blue screen when installing the error. Can only think of bad luck, to reboot it, there is no way. This process will cost about 1 hours ...

Four, configuration
You need to set a password, configure remote connections, partition, set up updates, and so on.

Finally, be aware that the 2950 boot disk has a choice of 5.0 or 6.0, too high a version, and does not support the boot installation of Windows Server 2003.
This I have met, remember.

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