How to install WIN7 on a GPT partition

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Large hard disk and WIN8 system, let us from the traditional bios+mbr mode upgrade to UEFI+GPT mode, now buy mainstream computers, are pre-installed WIN8 system, in order to better support 2TB hard disk, faster start Win8, pre-installed systems have taken the GPT partition format, and the motherboard BIOS supports UEFI boot.  MBR and GPT are two different partition forms, like you buy back a new hard disk, to be divided into different areas, systems, tools, music and so on, to see how you divide, the traditional MBR mode can only be divided into 4 primary partitions, and the largest support 2.1T hard disk. GPT can be divided into numerous partitions and supports 9.4ZB hard drives (9.4ZB=94 billion TB).  ntfs,fat32 is a file system, which makes it easier to fill in the data by playing a grid on the hard drive of the sub-zone. As to what type of grid you decide, now win mainstream is NTFS.   Several common partition interpretations:  1.MBR partition table: Master boot record, which is the hard drive master boot Record partition table, supports only hard drives with capacity below 2.1TB. Drives exceeding 2.1TB can only manage 2.1TB, up to 4 primary partitions or three primary partitions and one extended partition, with multiple logical partitions under the extended partition.  2. GPT partition table: GPT, the globally unique identity partition table (GUID Partition table), has no limit on the number of partitions compared to the MBR maximum of 4 partition table entries, but Windows supports only 128 GPT partitions. GPT managed hard drive size up to 18EB. GPT partition boot boot is supported only on UEFI platform-based motherboards.  3. ESP Partition: EFI system partition, which is used in a computer system that uses the EFI BIOS to start the operating system. The boot manager, drivers, system maintenance tools, etc. are stored in the partition. If your computer uses an EFI system, or if the current disk is used to start the operating system on the EFI platform, you should recommend the ESP partition.  4. MSR Partition: A Microsoft Reserved partition that is used to reserve space on a GPT disk for alternate partitions, such as the need to use these partition spaces when converting a disk to a dynamic disk.    How to install win7   on a GPT partition after understanding the GPT partition structure, we need to know that to use the GTP format partition system, the required system must be WIN7 X64 bit above, and the motherboard supports UEFI boot mode. The  GPT format partition must have a minimum of three extents.   The first is the EFI System Protected Area (default hide does not load) the second is the MSR Microsoft Reserved Partition, and the third one is the system data partition.   Installation process:  1, prepare a new hard drive, power on, insert WIN7 X64 bit installation disc, boot from CD. (What, no CD, that only make USB disk installation disk)       (1) mobile hard disk (USB drive) to prepare a FAT32 partition, be sure to FAT32 partition, because the EFI BIOS can only recognize FAT32 partitions, recommended 5G +, minimum requirement, can drop all files extracted from Win7 image. The primary partition is also OK, logical partitioning is OK, and no boot function is required. For the convenience of narration, this partition is called the Install partition.       (2) Copy all files from the Win7 x64 image to the Install partition root       (3) The EFI SHELL (x64 ). zip to the Install partition root directory,      ps:efi SHELL (x64). zip already contains the DiskPart tool        (4) Copy the Bootmgfw.efi to the install partition root   Finally, install the partition directory structure like 2, press the Power key to boot, and then press ESC to enter the BIOS (different machines vary) 3, switch to the Security tab, Locate secure BOOT Control, change the enabled to DISABLED4, select Save Changes, and then insert the USB flash drive, running the bottom launch EFI Shell from filesystem device

5, will pop up as the interface, the above device mapping table below is your disk, find a USB flash drive, generally will be labeled removeable and other words, such as, my u disk because there are two partitions, so for Fs0 and FS1, enter the following command: Command Description
Fs0: Select Fs0 Partition
ls list files within a partition

6, the above input ls command, will list the current partition of the file, for example, you can see the list of the files just on the USB flash drive, if this partition is not your U disk, you can change fs1,blk1,blk2 and so on, until you find your U disk, find your U disk, enter the following command after the return:
Command Description
Bootmgfw.efi Run the Bootmgfw.efi file, which is the EFI boot file for the system

7, the above Bootmgfw.efi command input, you can see the familiar system installation interface, If you are a GPT hard disk partition, you can install the system directly., but most of the hard disk is also MBR partition, so when the partition is selected, ready to install the system, you may encounter the following prompt, then your hard disk is MBR partition, need to continue to toss:

8, hold down the SHIFT key, and then press F10, open command Prompt cmd, enter the following command, note that this step will empty the hard disk, the hard disk is nothing:
Command Description
DiskPart run the DiskPart partition management tool
list Disk List all hard drives
Select Disk 0 refer to the previous step hard disk size, select your hard drive
Clean empty the hard drive
convert GPT turn the hard drive into GPT    9. After the hard drive is dedicated to GPT, create the partition and enter the following command:
Command speak clearly
create partition EFI size=200 to create an EFI partition of size 200M
create partition msr size=200 Create an MSR partition with a size of 200M
create partition primary size=30000 30000 size is about 30G, this is the partition of the installation system
The third command above can be modified, this partition you can understand as C, the system disk, such as you want to divide 50G, that command = back to 50000 10, here we only created a partition C drive, the rest of the partition you can also refer to the last command above step 9 and then create the partition, But the way to enter the partition size, because the remaining hard disk is not estimated, so it may lead to some hard disk surplus, resulting in waste, I suggest can be installed after the system with the partition tool, or right-click the computer-management-disk Management in the creation, than the form of the DiskPart command is relatively simple

11, turn off the above command line, the following partition has not changed? Don't worry, just click to refresh

How to install WIN7 on a GPT partition

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