How to install Win8.1, Mac10.9 dual system

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This strategy will destroy all the data on the hard drive, make sure to back up the important data on the hard disk before the introduction

This strategy is mainly divided into the following several aspects

First, make the UEFI to start the win8pe, facilitates the maintenance processing

Two. Re-partition the hard disk, in the retention of the association of a key recovery of 8.0 based on the full use of hard disk space, using Lenovo one key recovery 8.0 installation of the self-made WIN8 system [child shoes do not want to repartition can skip this step directly]

Three. Install the Clover EFI boot on the hard drive

Four. Install Mac OS X

Five. Post-processing and optimization

Six. Frequently Asked Questions

Must be ready to go before the necessary materials

A. A USB disk of more than 8G (used to make a boot disk) [removable hard disk can also be separated by a minimum of 6 g of space to operate]

B.WIN8 Pure version for yoga13,install.wim download address

[contains a pure WIN8 system, integrated Drive, Net3.5, UPDATE] Md5:b0c14b388e4ef38095e379fe8a049f29

C. Support Uefi boot win8pe, lrsesp.okr download Address


D.os X Mavericks lazy version installation mirror, portal

E. Introduction to carry out the necessary tools, Baidu Network disk:

You must verify that the MD5 is the same after the system image download is complete to ensure that the files you download are intact

The first part makes the UEFI start Win8pe

1. First USB disk format into FAT32 file system (U disk letter on the right key format, select FAT32 can)

2. Download the LRSESP.OKR in the network, use 7-zip to extract the root directory of U disk, support UEFI launch of U disk PE is done, use the following

Press F12 (if you do not see the F12 prompts, press the Nove key to boot, select boot menu after you can see the Boot menu menu, there will be a

EFI USB Device The typeface option, the choice may enter our PE, as shown in the following figure

Second section re-partition installation Lenovo one key recovery 8.0

Although Lenovo provides the ISO can directly guide the installation of ORK8, but the section provided in the partition scheme is not suitable for yoga, and yoga and no optical drive, can not be engraved plate. Anyway, personally, I think it's bad.

First look at the original division, found that a few reserved partitions of space are not fully utilized, there is space left. In addition, because my laptop does not intend to upgrade the memory, the Intel Quick boot partition requires only 4G

1. First through the production of U disk PE boot system, and then the network disk decompression, the operation inside the "reconstruction partition. cmd" to the hard drive to rebuild the partition (note: This step will destroy all the data on the hard drive, please back up in advance). After the partition is successful, opening My computer will appear as shown in several partitions

2. Then create the Okrbackup directory under the Pbr_drv of the volume label, then create the factory directory under Okrbackup.

After the Baidu network disk download to the Boot.okr,lrsesp.okr,mbr.okr,winre.okr,install.wim all put under the Pbr_drv partition under the okrbackupfactory below. The Info.ini extracted from the is also placed under okrbackupfactory under the Pbr_drv partition.

3. Open the LRSESP.OKR with 7-zip and extract all the files inside to the partition root directory labeled Lrs_esp ().

4. Turn off the computer and unplug the U disk. Press Novo key to boot, select System Recovery, you can enter Lenovo one key recovery interface. Select Restore from original backup, restore complete reboot into Win8.1. The new WIN8.1 with Lenovo one-key recovery is ready.

5. At this time the system has not been activated, only need to run in the to obtain the motherboard built-in serial number, in the system needs to enter the time to fill in the good

The third part installs the Clover EFI boot program on the hard disk

1. First into the first part of the production of PE, this is you will find my computer inside only C D two disk, EFI partition is hidden away

But never mind, open the PE Diskgenuis, assign a letter to the ESP partition (this is ESP, not LRS_ESP)

2. (important) Back up all the files in the ESP partition (the personal habit is to pack all the files under ESP into a compressed package with a PE 7ZIP) and delete all the files in esp.

3. From the Baidu network download to the yoga13_for_mac.7z to the ESP partition root directory, and then restart the computer to see the Clover start interface, but this is the system menu.

4. After entering the Clover interface, always press to the right until the option below "Clover boot option" is selected, enter the "Add as EFI boot option" menu, and return to execute to add the Clover boot entry to UEFI.

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