How to install XP system fast start U disk install XP system graphics and text tutorial

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Tool Preparation

① make a quick Start U disk Startup disk

② a ghost version of the XP system image file, and save into the prepared Quick Start U disk Boot disk mode to IDE mode

Fast Start USB drive installation XP system tutorial

We put the production of U disk Boot disk inserted in the computer USB interface, and then restart the computer, in the presence of the boot screen long press the start shortcut to enter the BIOS settings interface, through the mouse up and down the key "↑↓" Select to U Disk, and then press ENTER ENTER.

After entering the main menu interface to the Quick Launch, use the keys on the keyboard to move the cursor to "" 03 "Run fast start win8pe anti-blue screen (new machine)" and enter OK, as shown in the following figure

After entering the fast start WIN8PE system, the system will start up a key installed tool, click the "Browse" button in the tool interface, as shown in the following image:

Click the U disk in the list to the left of the open window select the GHOSTXP system image file that we want to install, if downloading is the ISO format mirror file, without decompression, our program will automatically load and identify the Gho file, then continue to click on the "Open" button, as shown in the following figure:

Return to the Main tool window, click on C in the disk list, and then click OK, as shown in the following image:

Then a query box pops up and we just click "OK" to execute it, as shown in the following figure:

The tool is mirrored to the specified partition based on the set release system, and there is no need to do anything else during that time, until the installation is complete and restarted, as shown in the following illustration:

Patiently waiting for the installation of XP system follow-up program, entered the XP system desktop will announce the entire U disk installation XP system operation succeeded!

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