How to integrate JBoss 7.0 in eclipse

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Since JBoss 7.0 was released soon, many problems were encountered during the deployment of eclipse. Baidu did not find a complete solution, so I would like to record it for convenience.

When JBoss was configured in eclipse, it was found that when JBoss was added in Windows-preference-server-runtime environment, it was found that JBoss only supported version 5.0, if you select 5. 0. if path 7.0 is selected, an error is returned.


Therefore, JBoss tools must be installed to solve this problem. So I found the following two ways to install JBoss tools on the Internet:

First: Online Installation

1. Check your eclipse version, help-> about eclipse SDK, and write down the version number of your eclipse.
2. If your eclipse version is 3.5, follow the steps below to install
In help-> install new software, enter the following new site and install

These are the relevant plug-ins required by jbosstools. After these plug-ins are installed, add the following sites and install jbosstools. This is a set of plug-ins and you can select the required functions.

3. If your eclipse version is 3.6, follow these steps to install
First, install the necessary conditions. In help-> install new software, add and install the following sites in sequence.

After installing the above, add the jbosstools Update site and install

4. If your eclipse version is the latest version 3.7, enter the following update site in the install new software menu and install it. Other eclipse will do the same.
Jbosstools request-

Second, local Installation
1. Go to javasbuilds JBoss tools 3. 2. Copy the corresponding link.
2. in eclipse, click [help]-> [install new software], paste it in the [Work with] Line in the pop-up window, and click [add] to add an update link. then select the newly added update link and select all the plug-ins (note, not just JBoss tools) to install the plug-ins.
3. In [Window]-> [Preferences]-> [server]-[runtime environments], you can add the JBoss execution environment.
4. Create a JBoss server instance in [Window]-> [show view]-> [others]-> [servers.
When JBoss is started in eclipse, the system prompts 50 seconds timeout solution.
1. Modify the startup Timeout: Eclipse 3.4.0 as an example. Double-click the created JBoss server in the servers window and set the start time to a greater value in the timeout option.
2. if the problem persists, the JBoss execution environment port configuration may be suspected. In some cases (for example, one machine starts multiple JBoss instances), we may need to modify the default port of JBoss in our project, according to my observation, the method of checking whether the JBoss server is started by eclipse is to check whether JBoss is bound to the port specified in the server instance. double-click the created JBoss server in the servers window. The configuration in [server properties] is the basis for eclipse to determine server startup. the default value is:
Port: 8080 (. \ JBoss \ Server \ port-bindings.xml)
JNDI port: 1099 (. \ JBoss \ Server \ Default \ conf \ jboss-service.xml)
Server Configuration: Default
The path of the corresponding runtime environment configuration file is marked separately. You can change the port value of [server properties] to the port value in the configuration file.
3. If an error persists, run the command line or TCP view to check the system port usage. If other programs occupy the preceding port, close the program.

We recommend that you use the second method. The online installation speed is slow and files cannot be found.

After the installation, go to the previous configuration path and you will see a new entry: JBoss community, in which you can select version 7.0.

According to the above method, has your problem been solved?

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