How to intercept QQ password and chat content, remove the QQ advertisement, add QQ tail

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Thinking analysis

Into the QQ process

Remote Injection DLL

Intercept QQ Login Password

Intercepts the QQ account and nickname of this machine

Intercepting chat Content

Add QQ Tail

Get rid of QQ advertisement

Solemnly affirm



Chinese netizens are not unfamiliar with QQ, QQ players do not know the Coral and rainbow to advertise IP version of QQ, there is a period of time QQ tail is also very popular, is every time it automatically chat in your chat text after adding a word, deceive your QQ netizens fooled. Today's network is like martial arts in the river, walking the swordsman must have a peerless martial arts can not fall in the opponent's sword.

This article will tell you how to intercept QQ password and chat content, how to remove the advertisement of QQ, and add custom QQ tail.

Thinking analysis

To intercept QQ password, we must think of keyboard hooks, 2006 version before QQ with this method can really intercept QQ password, I have used this method to my girlfriend's QQ password to get over, ~ ~, but after 2007 version of QQ in the password input box to do a lot of hands and feet, that is, using Spy + + Also cannot intercept any message, the keyboard hook also invalid. We are always lucky, QQ login window message can still be obtained, since the hook can not be used, then why don't we change the way of thinking to take a shortcut? Modify the Login window's callback function address, intercept all of its messages, and create a false password input box to intercept the password, like writing on carbon paper, leaving traces of the handwriting.

Tencent in order to protect the security of chat content, to prevent the interference of QQ tail, the chat text input box with additional control to do a special treatment, also can not intercept any message, also can not use Wm_gettext and WM_CHAR message to get the text content. In fact, this problem is good to solve, as long as analog keyboard program simulation "CTRL + A"-> "CTRL + C" can get chat content.

QQ ads are easier to find, as long as the ads show the child window, hide it, and then put a child in the same position of their own window can be, if you get to the IP address or the location of the other information can also be displayed here.

Here, there is also a very important issue, that is, our program must be implemented in the QQ space, because the Windows system process is protected by the system, each process has its own independent memory, many API functions only for the same process, we must solve this problem.

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