How to judge the optical drive failure

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Failure phenomenon: When the optical drive problems, the general performance of the optical drive is flashing, can not read disk or read disk performance decline; When the optical drive reads the disk, the blue screen crashes or displays "Unable to access the disc, the device is not ready" and so on.

The following, the author according to the CD-ROM installation to the use of the process sequence to explain the relevant fault judgment:

1. Optical drive Connection Improper cause

After the CD-ROM installation, post, if you can not detect the optical drive, you should carefully check the optical drive cable connection is correct, reliable, optical drive power line is plugged. If the screen stops when you check in to the CD drive, see if the optical drive (primary, from) jumper is correct.

Reminder: Try not to connect to the hard drive on the same data line. 2. Internal contact issues

If there is a situation where the optical drive is jammed and cannot eject, it may be that there is a problem with the contact between the inner parts of the optical drive, and you can try to solve it by removing the optical drive from the chassis and using a Phillips screwdriver to open the CD-ROM tray through the emergency eject hole, so you can remove the upper and front cover of the optical drive. When you remove the cover, you will see the drive's movement, and on the left or right side of the tray there will be a belt with a tray motor attached to the end. You can check if the belt is clean, if there is any dislocation, and you can also grease the end of the belt and connect the motor. In addition, the tray on both sides of the CD-ROM will have a row of serrated, this serrated control tray eject and retract. Please grease this serrated and see if it has any sort of malfunction.   If the oil, please wipe the excess oil, and then the optical drive reinstall, and finally turn on the boot try. Reminder: But because this kind of maintenance is more professional, it is advisable to find a professional person to repair.

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