How to kill QQ sticky worm? QQ Sticky Worm Cleaning method

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QQ Sticky worm is a virus, is to use a false QQ landing page to deceive you, so that your QQ number stolen away! The danger is great! Small partners must pay attention, serious precautions!

QQ Sticky worm transmission way:

1, disguised as a QQ brush drilling tools, game plug,
2, disguised as a variety of QQ friends to send documents, mainly Office documents mainly.

QQ Sticky Pest Hazard:

Specializing in the QQ stolen number of the lawless elements will be stolen QQ number classification processing, there is a game of Q-Coins will have a dedicated team to complete the transfer of virtual property, and then impersonate someone else's identity login QQ number cheat. So netizens will often see someone posing as friends to borrow money to spend, to recharge mobile phone number, online games virtual point card, or even directly posing as family friends large loans.

QQ sticky worm How to kill:

Small part of the proposal to quickly to kill, or the overall antivirus, don't be afraid of trouble safety first. If you encounter a stubborn Trojan, you can enter Safe Mode antivirus look, you can use the Tencent Computer Butler Toolbox-stubborn wood Marks (powerful killing function, such as figure), you can also try to crush the file yo.

PS: Usually should do anti-virus work, the computer Butler has a 16-layer real-time protection (firewall can adjust their own, whether open close, very convenient yo), at any time to ensure your safety.

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