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Units and companies to set up a local area network for everyone to share the Internet resources, but if someone with BT or electric donkey Peer-to-peer download software, will undoubtedly bring unnecessary trouble to the entire LAN, we all know peer-to-peer download software is a super network killer, How to control peer-to-peer downloading software has become a big problem of LAN technology. The following article details how to ban Peer-to-peer download software methods, I hope to help you!

Peer-to-peer download software by the telecommunications industry, the image of technical experts known as "cyber Killer." In fact, Peer-to-peer software is known as the Internet killer, this is the principle of peer-to-peer applications decided. such as BT or electric donkey Peer-to-peer software, in the download process needs to occupy the upload bandwidth, which is the "network killer" The origin of the title.

For the Unit local area network, Peer-to-peer download software is a super network killer, even if there is a client in the Internet café to use Peer-to-peer download, the entire network of Internet cafes will appear a serious phenomenon of stagnation. Because of this, many Internet cafes are beginning to ban peer-to-peer download software. As we all know, telecom operators have always wanted to ban peer-to-peer download software, but did not succeed, how to effectively control the LAN Peer-to-peer download software? Below, we now introduce several ways to control peer-to-peer download software.

Use the registry to prohibit known Peer-to-peer software

To limit peer-to-peer downloading software to Internet café clients, restricting Peer-to-peer software operation is a creative approach. There are usually two ways to limit Peer-to-peer software.

1, use the registration form to prohibit peer-to-peer download software

Edit a registry file named Killp2p.reg, which reads as follows:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Disallowrun" =dword:00000001


"1" = "BT.exe"

"2" = "Thunder.exe"

"3" = "Bitcomet.exe"

"4" = "... ..." "5" = "........ ..."

To limit which Peer-to-peer software is running, just fill in 1, 2 of the executable file of Peer-to-peer download software. After you import the Killp2p.reg file into the registry, reboot the machine, and the limited peer-to-peer software in Killp2p.reg will not run (computer basics).

2, use Group Policy to prohibit Peer-to-peer software:

If the user is not familiar with the registry, you can use Group Policy to prevent peer-to-peer downloading of software. In fact, Group Policy is another manifestation of the registry, the effect is the same. The practice of using Group Policy to prohibit peer-to-peer downloading of software is as follows:

You can start Group Policy Editor by entering "Gpedit.msc" in Run on the Start menu. In the System instructions box in the User Configuration management module, select Do not run the specified Windows application, and then add the program names that you want to disable, such as BT.exe (BT client), Thunder.exe (the client that Thunder downloads), Bitcomet.exe (the client of the bit elf), click OK when you are finished adding. In this way, we can prevent the computer from running all the software in the list above, which also applies to prevent other software and virus programs from running.

These two methods can limit the common peer-to-peer download software, once a new peer-to-peer download software appears, you must update the list of prohibited software in a timely manner. If the user will thunderbolt executable file Thunder.exe renamed, Thunderbolt can still be used, which is also the limitations of the two methods mentioned above. For this limitation, users can limit peer-to-peer downloading software to the use of Internet café clients through network ports.

Using network settings to ban peer-to-peer download software

Peer-to-peer download software as long as the use, will certainly occupy the network protocol port (computer does not sound), therefore, we can through the network settings blocked peer-to-peer download software.

1, plugging the Peer-to-peer work port

Peer-to-peer download software work needs to open the port, as long as the router and firewall settings rules in the Peer-to-peer download software port disabled, Peer-to-peer software will not work. The port is closed and peer-to-peer downloading software is not available. However, peer-to-peer downloads such as the "bit Elf" can be set by the user's own software work port, which makes the "blocking Peer-to-peer work port" approach has some limitations. In practical applications, blocking Peer-to-peer download software work port is a good result, because many users do not know how to change the Peer-to-peer download software port.

2. Limit peer-to-peer software with flow control

Peer-to-peer downloading software will be controlled by the network after the speed limit of peer-to-peer download software. At present, Route OS and professional routers provide a flow control function, through the Internet Café client traffic restrictions, so as to ban Peer-to-peer software. This will not completely prohibit peer-to-peer download software, but limit the Peer-to-peer download speed.

Through the network settings, you can from the source of Peer-to-peer software control, however, the use of network settings to limit peer-to-peer software practices have too many loopholes, not recommended.

Using third party software to control peer-to-peer download software

Because Peer-to-peer to the LAN network has a fatal impact, some blocked peer-to-peer download software Third-party software also emerged. These third-party software, specifically for blocking peer-to-peer download software development, its effect is very good.

1, with ISA Server control Peer-to-peer download software: In the ISA Server, "signature" function to prevent peer-to-peer download software, in the Console Firewall Policy window, click the "Allow intranet access to extranet Web Services" option, select the "Configure HTTP" option in the menu " Configure the HTTP Policy window for the rule, select the Signature tab, click the Add button, display the Signatures window, and set the name in the Name text box, such as "BitTorrent"; Look in the Range Drop-down list, select the request URL option; Sign in the text box, enter BitTorrent, and then click the OK button. Enter "User-agent:" in the HTTP header text box, enter "BitTorrent" in the Signature text box, and click the OK button.

Using ISA Server to limit peer-to-peer download software is more complex, but very effective, which is the best way to control peer-to-peer download software.

2, with the latest aggregated network management system: Aggregated network Management ( software is the use of virtual gateway technology, and the latest version of the support Gateway, bridge and other models, with a powerful monitoring hardware system, can be used for any connection to the LAN machine for monitoring, The data packet is calculated to control the upper and lower bandwidth of the host in the local area network. Once the client is found to be using a Peer-to-peer protocol, the system will automatically prohibit the network use of this computer terminal; not only that, the latest version of the integration of the most peer-to-peer software, and analysis of Peer-to-peer software protocol is the most accurate, can effectively filter out a variety of peer-to-peer messages, so you can circumvent the simple limitations of bandwidth, Very suitable for Internet café needs.

Obviously, some third-party software can effectively block Peer-to-peer download software, for LAN speaking, this is the most effective way to control Peer-to-peer download software.


The use of various peer-to-peer download software is not the same, technicians can be based on the actual situation of the local area network, the Peer-to-peer download software effective control.

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