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Now do the site is not easy, although the purchase of space and domain name relatively easy to many, but the record is to build Station Road highway, but the most difficult or the promotion of the website, used to do a website any station can make a bit of money, after all, competition is not so fierce, but with the expansion of the tentacles of large portal sites and the number of Web sites is constantly huge, Grassroots stationmaster's survival also becomes difficult. At present, the majority of grassroots webmaster flow from the search engine, the site in the weight of Baidu has become the focus of webmaster attention and optimization. Today to talk about how to know the site in the search engine weights, the current Chinese webmaster is the most concerned about the weight of Baidu, then how to know the site in the weight of Baidu How? This is also the webmaster in doing friendship links in the most concerned about the other site things.

One: Look at the site keyword in Baidu ranking----This is also the most direct reflection of a website in the weight of Baidu

Each site has one or more keywords, webmaster can see the source code in the home page "keywords" to get a website keyword, and then search in the Baidu search these keywords rankings, the higher the ranking, the higher the weight of the site, if a number of keywords ranking are very close to the front, This site is a similar site ranking is very good.

Here needs attention is the website keyword heat is also a very important factor, the keyword more popular weight is higher, can pass the Baidu instruction to view the key this heat.

Second: see Baidu Snapshot date

Can be directly in Baidu Search: site: Home address, look at the snapshot, the general weight of the site Baidu snapshot is the next day, through this method to see the best need for continuous attention to the site's Baidu snapshot is a daily snapshot. For some new stations or long do not update the site generally Baidu snapshots are relatively backward, here need to note that Baidu snapshots can not determine the weight of a site, is to reflect the weight of the site and Baidu is a part of the concern, the new station or weight is not good station to get a daily snapshot of Baidu is also a very easy thing, in fact, no skills, Main site content daily update or update frequently, plus a certain degree of originality, basic can also get to daily snapshot update, every day snapshots of the site weight promotion has a certain role.

Third: Look at the age of the website

By viewing the domain name registration time, the site contains the situation to judge an old station situation, the older the site domain name in Baidu right species also occupy advantages, a site can be saved or more than a few years can also show that the site has a certain viability and the basis of popularity, of course, it must also see the site update and the world rankings, as well as snapshots, If all is better, then this station weight certainly not low.

Four: Look at the size of the site

Want to know the size of a Web site, you can browse the structure of the site, site columns, the number of articles, etc., you can use webmaster tools to view the number of sites and reverse link number, if the article contains a lot of and the number of chain, so the weight of such a site is very high. Collection station, except the General collection station is also easy to see, can be judged by the content of the article, at present, many collection stations using pseudo original collection, such an article can obviously feel the statement is not smooth, but also can see a one-time update a large number of sites, such a station is very easy to collect the station, although more, but the chain is very few.

Five: Look at the type of website

Generally speaking, Baidu on the site by flash and image weight is significantly inferior to the weight of ordinary text stations, on the other hand can also see webmaster many search engines do not know how to understand, so if the picture station or flash station Baidu weight naturally will not be too good, such stations are generally individual stations, or enterprise stations, itself also newer will not be very soon.

Now the grassroots webmaster most of the flow from the search engine, do a good job in Baidu's weight is also a grassroots webmaster must face a problem, to understand their site or other sites in Baidu's current weight of the most direct way is to see the site keyword in Baidu rankings and keyword heat, But it is best to view a website in Baidu's weight, such as at the same time to look at the keyword rankings, keyword index and the site age, PR, the world rankings of the height, you can more accurately judge the weight of the site. Http:// Small series reproduced marked

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