How to Learn WF

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How to Learn WF


After the release of NET4.0 Bata 2 in March October, I began to write the [WF4.0 Basics] series. After more than five months, I finally completed the series before the official release of NET4.0.


During this time, I had some conversations with developers and companies interested in WF4.0.


Some companies that are interested in WF have started to use WF4.0 to develop business process management software. Most of the problems these companies have encountered during development are actual problems, during the communication, I found that these companies still lack some confidence in the achievement of WF4.0 technology, but this is not a big problem, what worries me is that these companies basically have no development experience in business process management software (commonly known as workflow.


Using unfamiliar technologies to do unfamiliar business will ultimately harm the customer, the team, and the company.


Therefore, for enterprises that want to apply WF to projects, my suggestion is to evaluate whether the project really needs WF. If necessary, the organization organizes several programmers, let them stop their work and spend two to three months systematically learning WF.


Developers who are interested in WF are always respected, but I have also met some people who want to learn new technologies, in his opinion, it is a good thing to practice hands in the project. The project has become a position in the company, and the project has failed, going to a company again, with the experience accumulated in the previous failed project, it is also a success of new technologies and a good price. I despise such a person!


All my friends know that when I am in a bad mood, I will write articles or study articles. This is a good mood. Learning and writing articles are a very happy thing. Don't be too utilitarian, how easy it is to experience this simple and happy (^_^)


The following is a list of articles in this series.


2 Description:

WF4 Bata 2

Changes of WF4.0 RC compared with Beta2


30 articles:

WF4.0 BASICS (1) start using WF

WF4.0 BASICS (ii) introduction to Activity and use of WriteLine Activity

WF4.0 BASICS (iii) process instance WorkflowApplication and basic principles for designing WF programs

WF4.0 BASICS (4) Sequence container Sequence and CodeActivity

WF4.0 BASICS (5) data transmission Variable Variables

WF4.0 BASICS (6) data transmission Arguments Parameters

WF4.0 BASICS (7) Data Transmission
Use of variables and parameters

WF4.0 BASICS (8) control flow Activity

WF4.0 BASICS (9) control flow Activity

WF4.0 BASICS (10) Collection operations

Exception in WF4.0 BASICS (11) Excetpion
End Process with TerminateWorkflow

WF4.0 BASICS (12) CancellationScope cancelling containers

WF4.0 BASICS (13) InvokeMethod call Method

WF4.0 BASICS (14) Delay and threads in WF4

WF4.0 BASICS (15th) TransactionScope thing container

WF4.0 basic article (16) CompensableActivity Compensation

WF4.0 BASICS (17) Bookmark

WF4.0 BASICS (18) Flowchar

WF4.0 BASICS (19) Persistence

WF4.0 BASICS (20) ActivityWithResult returned value Activity

WF4.0 BASICS (21) WorkflowInvoker

WF4.0 BASICS (22) Tracking

WF4.0 BASICS (23) Fan-type Activity

WF4.0 BASICS (24) Async Activity

WF4.0 BASICS (25) ActivityAction and InvokeAction

WF4.0 BASICS (25) (Supplement) ActivityFunc and InvokeFunc

WF4.0 BASICS (26) Interop calls the Activity of WF3.X

WF4.0 BASICS () WCF Workflow Service uses WF in WCF

WF4.0 BASICS (28) WF calls PowerShell

WF4.0 BASICS (29) WorkflowInspectionServices

WF4.0 BASICS (30th
) Some Suggestions for learning WF


Four application scenarios:

What is WF series?
[Build a data logic layer based on WF and WCF]

What is WF series? [Use WF to implement the signing business process]

What is WF series? [WF-Controlled Robotic Arm (3D model)]

What is WF series? [WF control logic line algorithm]





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