How to Learn OpenGL ES Technology

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=============== Problem description ====================

I want to learn the OpenGL ES technology after Android encapsulation, but I am not good at English. It is very difficult to read the official documentation. Therefore, I would like to ask you for help here.
I don't know how everyone learns this technology, or reading some good books or learning it by myself. I hope that the experts who understand this technology will be generous, helping our students who are still studying give us a learning path and method;

If you are a reader, please tell the name of these books
Or you have learned it by yourself. I wonder if you are willing to share your learning methods with us and help us learn from you.

Xiao Sheng asked me with an open mind and asked everyone for support. If you have the same requirements, please refer to this post and help me solve it. I hope that more Daniel can see it and learn from it.

I forgot to talk about it. Xiaosheng is learning Java and does not know other languages.

QQ: 497733379; email: [email protected]

Finally, thank you!

============= Solution 1 ======================

OpenGL programming guide
Computer Graphics

These are enough.

============= Solution 2 ======================

There should be no book that writes OpenGL for Android. In fact, no matter what books you read, you must read the official documents during development.

============= Solution 3 ======================

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============= Solution 4 ======================

Reference the reply on the third floor:
Reference the reply on the second floor:

OpenGL programming guide
Computer Graphics

These are enough.

Well, thank you.
Do you use OpenGL on Android or other platforms?

ES is just a subset and you don't even need to know much about it.

============= Solution 5 ======================

See more official documents.
Simple multi-query dictionary

How to Learn OpenGL ES Technology

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