How to let Baidu quickly update your snapshot of the site

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For the novice webmaster is a snapshot of the site is a headache, a snapshot of the site can directly affect the overall site of the collection and weight of the high and low, so we want to do their own site to do, then improve the search engine on our site snapshot update speed is essential, So today to the rookie webmaster to share some of my personal experience, I hope I can help you.

What is Baidu snapshot, look at the Figure Red Box section.


To allow Baidu to update your website in a timely and frequent manner, you must have the following 5 points:

1. Innovative and clean original content

2. Reject the temptation of crooked

3. Frequent Check Links

4. Don't be greedy for petty gain in renting space

5. Perseverance and determination to persevere

The specific steps are as follows:

1. Now the network a lot of repetitive content and articles are overwhelming, often a lot of is an article by some people change and then around to publish, the last member browsing this article will know that there has been read before, resulting in poor user experience, so a site is the original is essential, Search engines are also very fond of original content, such as I The Phantom of the net update content every day, snapshots are very good. As long as your site has several good original articles every day then your site will be the search engine spiders like to let your snapshots improve the speed of updates.

2. A lot of novice stationmaster listens to buy black chain rumor, say what buy black chain can let the keyword fast promotion, although many people have practiced is some effect, but the effect is very short, because search engine knows this is belong to cheat, so next will give very serious punishment, Thus leading to the entire site including domain names all into the Baidu blacklist, so this crooked way or not to try.

3. Links a lot of webmaster are more concerned about less, most of the exchange is the end of the link lost in there also do not care about it, in fact, this is not good, we webmaster every day to do one of them is to check their own site links, friendship links to exchange high-quality, especially snapshot speed quickly, also has the Webmaster daily updates the website, only then the high quality friendship link can drive your website.

4. Space for a Web site is the soul is the establishment of the station is essential, for our early owners on the choice of space I here to give you a few comments and suggestions, a site of good and bad is very large degree of the site's space speed is fast or slow, if very slow card space I think must be unable to keep what visitors, So for the rental space I suggest you can go to webmaster network of the rental space to see, webmaster network space After all is a good brand reputation is also good, so suggest the novice to go there to try.

5. The establishment of the station is a relatively long process, perhaps from you start to build a station until there is a good improvement, the middle may be up to six months or a year of time, so in this time period of our webmaster must be tolerant of loneliness, and we have a persistent determination and perseverance, Only by sticking to the end can we get the fruit of victory.

Finally give everyone a warm hint.

These are some of my personal insights and summed up the experience, I hope that the novice webmaster Help for wandering in the failure and give up the edge of some of the webmaster power, as long as we do "do not abandon, do not give up" then there is nothing to baffle our webmaster. Thank you ( webmaster feeds!

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