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As a result of the increasingly popular Home Office, home printers become an indispensable tool for people to work at home, in order to make the home printer better play the effect of daily maintenance and maintenance is certainly not less. The current market of home printers, mainly inkjet printers and laser printer two types, the two kinds of printer maintenance and maintenance methods have a certain difference, the following for you to give a detailed introduction.

Because the laser printer for ordinary home users, its price and performance are somewhat "extravagant", so inkjet printer is the preferred printing products for many home users. Its daily maintenance is very important.

Develop a good habit of turning off the machine

The panel of the home inkjet printer is generally very concise, usually only one or two buttons, some not even. The functions of these buttons are nothing more than switching power and starting the print self-test step. The use of a long time, many users began to lazy, often too lazy to press the power button to turn off the printer, not directly unplug the power plug, that is, turn off the strip switch. What is not known is that doing so is often harmful. Because after normal shutdown, the machine will automatically reset the print head, while wearing a "hat" for ink cartridges to prevent ink evaporation. And the use of pull power plug, such as "forced" shutdown mode, the print head often too late reset, the top can not cover the ink cartridges. Therefore, it is very easy to cause the print head positioning failure, ink is also easy to evaporate, viscous ink may also plug the print nozzle. The result is that the ink cartridge life is shortened and the chance of the printer failure increases. Therefore, we must develop the correct habit of shutting down the machine.

Do not use inferior printing paper

Many families, for cost reasons, generally do not use specially priced inkjet paper when they are printed, and usually copy paper instead. This can be done, but must choose the quality of the copy paper, paper should be dense, smooth finish to high, do not carry too much paper powder. Because the poor quality copy paper because of its loose paper, rough surface, will make the print head wear seriously, thus reducing the printer's service life.

Tips for storing ink cartridges

In the home inkjet printer, ink cartridges should be the most important supplies, if we want to reduce printing costs, we must start from the cartridge. Because most home users usually do not use the printer often, and the amount of printing is not much, so the home printer is always used for a period of time, and then idle for some time. How to effectively save the ink cartridges that have been opened, we should open the new cartridge in the outer packaging, carefully open the plastic cover, to maintain the integrity of the cartridge outside the packaging. In this way, when the cartridge is not in use, we put it back into the plastic box and seal the uncovered plastic cover with double-sided tape to ensure that the cartridge is isolated from the outside world.

Printer paper clip Don't worry

Home inkjet printers are basically directly into the paper channel, that is, from the top of the paper, almost do not have to bend, the paper directly from the bottom to send out, so the phenomenon of the folder is greatly reduced. However, some printing paper in the printer "flip-body" design of the printer, it is relatively easy to appear the phenomenon of cardboard. In addition, as a result of electrostatic absorption of multiple sheets of paper, or printing paper uneven warping, it is possible in a variety of inkjet printers appear folder paper phenomenon. In this case, you must not be reckless to pull out of the jammed paper, so it is possible to damage the relatively small plastic transmission gears, so that the printer appears into the paper failure. The correct way is to turn off the power, unplug the power plug, and then open the printer front cover, if necessary, take off the ink cartridge, and then pull the paper along the direction of the gear conveyor, slowly put the paper carefully out.

Do not clean the print head frequently

Some models of inkjet printer will be in the driver software to provide cleaning print head options, can achieve regular cleaning, manual cleaning or printing before cleaning operations. Although cleaning the printing head, the printing effect can be improved, but the cleaning of the print head is quite a fee ink. We can completely save the valuable ink by setting the cleaning print head option to manual cleaning, and then manually performing the cleaning operation when the print quality drops.

In the laser printer, due to the laser printing structure, the Dust special "favor", so we should strengthen the dust removal operation. Similarly, you should first clean the outer surface of the printer. As for the internal, because the laser printer structure is more complex, I do not recommend that you take apart clean, because through the cleaning paper can be simple to clean the inside. But in order to achieve the best results, we should use the laser printer dedicated cleaning paper. This kind of cleaning paper has a strong adsorption ability, can take the paper path and the dust on the roller adsorption, and the toner cartridge also has a certain cleaning effect. You can then perform a "roller cleaning" operation to achieve the goal. However, if your printer does not have this option, you can also perform indirect actions: Create a new one-page blank file in Word, and then perform the print operation, repeating this step 3-4 times.

For the hands of a strong friend, in the clean laser printer can also open the laser printer's cover, the toner cartridge, roller and other manual dust removal, in order to achieve a cleaner purpose.

In general, the maintenance of the printer should be prevention! Whether it is inkjet printer or laser printer, we just keep the environment and the printer clean, and make the cloud to reduce the number of open front cover, change cartridge/toner also pay attention to speed up some speed, the basic can achieve "maintenance-free" purpose. In addition, the internal cleaning of inkjet printers generally 2-3 months to perform once is enough. After cleaning, you should also perform a nozzle test to detect if the printer is working properly.

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