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Some people, computer buy how long, it is already a pair of Crimean War return appearance, also exudes a rich industrial revolution breath. Some people, the computer for more than a year, it looks like 90% new.

  with the progress of the manufacturing process, the CPU and video card core life is very long, in the long-term use of the performance of the loss is very little . But we often feel that computers that have been in use for two or three of years have become noticeably slower, this is not only the electronic chip aging caused by, more importantly, the hardware cooling ability to reduce the high temperature drop frequency-when the CPU or video card temperature is too high, for protection purposes, the system will automatically reduce their working frequency in order to alleviate the temperature problem, And the performance of the computer also decreases, the most significant external performance is the slow speed. Therefore, in order to keep the computer in a good state until it dies rather than halfway, we need to be properly maintained and cleaned.

Unlike laptops, each part of a desktop can be easily disassembled, so it's easier to clean up. But also because of the removable desktop, we can make a higher demand for desktop maintenance. After all, with the great power comes great responsibility.

  Let's talk about basic maintenance and cleaning.

As a basic version, natural simplicity, all the tools required are only three: hair dryer, screwdriver, brush (gas masks, masks, optional). The method is also very simple, only three steps.

The first step: Open the chassis side cover (if two times the side cover can be opened best), the hair dryer into a cold wind to the inside of the chassis a disorderly blow, let the dust fly for a while. This can be done to dispose of a large amount of dust gathered into a mass, which is considered a sweeping clean-up. If it's a long, clean heirloom chassis, please have your masks ready before you get the hair dryer, otherwise ...

The second step: Remove the CPU heatsink, video card and power supply, these three need to separate clean, with hair dryer and brush with each other, while brushing side blowing, so you can easily clean out the CPU radiator, graphics and power in the dirt. Motherboard and memory can not be removed, the motherboard surface relatively flat, not easy to accumulate difficult to remove stains, brush with a brush can easily handle.

There are also some tips for cleaning up the heatsink for the video card and CPU heatsink, such as the CPU heatsink in the following figure: Cool extreme Blizzard T4, it is difficult to clean the brush alone. My advice is that the brush is inserted vertically inside the heatsink and stirred back and forth along the fins, and the hair dryer is blown sideways so that the brush and hair dryer are angled so that the dust can be blown out from the other side. In addition, clean the heat sink with sparse soft brush effect is better, the figure I used the brush hair too hard too thick, but not easy to reach the heatsink inside.

The third step: the CPU surface and CPU radiator bottom of the silicone residue clean, attention can not be used sharp objects to scrape, preferably with a cotton ball stained with alcohol, gently scrub, it is not, with a napkin stained with water also make up. Then, re-apply silicone grease, do not apply too thick, evenly coated with a thin layer of silicone grease. The role of silicone grease is to fill the gap between the CPU heatsink and the CPU contact surface, so that the CPU and radiator full contact. But silicone grease takes a long time to dry and requires a new smear. After coating the CPU heatsink back, then install the video card and power, plug the wire, cover the side cover. Wrap

The basic version of the maintenance and clean-up to this end, followed by the advanced version. Since it is advanced version, it must have a little risk, so the hands of a weak friend, please refer to as appropriate. Note that this is not a drill!!!

  The question of the CPU re-coating silicone grease is mentioned above, so is it necessary to replace the new silicone grease for the graphics card? The answer is yes.

If you want to apply silicone grease, you will inevitably have to take apart the graphics card. Under normal circumstances, the graphics card can be divided into three parts: Printed circuit board (PCB), heat sink, cooling fan. Individual high-end series of graphics cards and back panels.

Video card Disassembly

  The image above is sapphire 270X poison disassembly diagram, from the figure we are not difficult to find, the graphics card structure is somewhat similar to "cpu+ motherboard + radiator", installed in the graphics card PCB on the core of the video card is equivalent to the CPU, and the PCB itself is equivalent to the motherboard, heatsink and fan is similar to So, the way to change silicone to the graphics card and to the CPU on the same as silicone. After removing the heatsink and cooling fan from the video card, clean them together with the dust and dirt of the PCB with brushes and fans, then wipe the silicone residue on the core of the video card and the heat sink heat pipe, then apply a thin layer of silicone grease evenly, then reinstall it. Basically, as long as you do not abuse the electronic components on the PCB, the graphics card will not be damaged, and the heatsink and cooling fan relative to the PCB, the structure of orders, it is difficult to damage. In short, as long as the careful dismantling, do some simple cleaning and replacement of silicone grease and other small work is very safe, after all, the graphics card is not something delicate.

After the replacement of silicone grease, the original temperature exceeded the 90-degree mark of the graphics card, may be cooled to 80 or even 70 degrees, and can be happy to fight again for three years.

It is necessary to note that not all graphics cards can significantly cool down after replacing silicone grease. Because the high temperature of the graphics card may not be silicone fat aging or cooling system dust too much, in addition, the graphics card with the silicone fat does not have a certain proportion of the new replacement of silicone fat difference. In general, the new graphics card does not need to replace the silicone grease in two years, just remove the cooling fan to clean up the dust on the line.

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