How to make a personalized win7 theme with your favorite photos

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Everyone has their own favorite photos, there may be obvious, their own and their loved ones photos, cartoons and so on. And in this article we are going to use these we like to get a win7 theme with our own personalities. Follow the small knitting below to see how to do it!


Right-click the desktop space, select personalized settings

Before setting up we can fix those pictures is we like, can use the beautiful Tuju Sulai the picture Oh, finally put the picture in a folder inside.


In the Win7 personalization, there are a lot of topics, but we don't have to manage.

Click on the "desktop background" at the bottom of the personalized window, find the picture position in the pop-up window, click on the right side of the "Browse", select the folder where you just sorted the picture


The default folder inside the picture is what you want, if there is any kind you do not like to be able to remove the tick, you can directly come here to add or delete pictures.


Click Save, there will be an "unnamed theme" This is the theme you just, give it a name on the line.

The above is about how to use your favorite photos to do a personality win7 theme. We can also design a number of themes, tired of watching can be changed to a theme, so that will not visually fatigue.

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