How to make Exynos 4412 u-boot boot disk using TF/SD card under Ubuntu

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hardware: Ttm itop 4412 Elite & TF card Software: system comes with terminal can
First of all, we should be aware that TF/SD card can be regarded as a completely blank "white paper", the reason for partitioning, partition format is only in this "white paper" Some specific location write some data to indicate the partition, partition format. Second, we should also be aware that in TF/SD startup mode, Exynos 44,121 Power on, the internal Irom reads 8KB of data from the 1th block (No. 512 byte) of the TF/SD to the internal Iram, and then starts from the 0 address of the internal iram. The principle is clear, then first need to put the TF/SD low-level format-all blocks write 0.1, connect the TF/SD card, open the terminal using the ls/dev/sd* command to view all the disks connected to the computer. Question: Why not use the DF command here?The reason is that if your TF/SD card has only one partition but the partition is corrupted, or there are multiple partitions but there is no identifiable partition, then the DF command is unable to see the TF/SD card, so it is the ultimate solution to list the devices directly at the beginning of all SD under Dev.
(1) Assume that your TF/SD card has only one partition, regardless of whether the partition is damaged or not, the phenomenon should be something like this:
before inserting the TF/SD card:
After inserting the TF/SD card:?? It is obvious that the/DEV/SDB is the object of the subsequent operation of this article.(2) Assuming that your TF/SD card already has multiple partitions, whether or not these partitions are damaged, the behavior should be something like this:
before inserting the TF/SD card:
?after inserting the TF/SD card:There are 5 more devices here, but we will still/dev/sdb as an object for subsequent operations in this article.
Note: I'm/dev/sdb here, but it could be/DEV/SDC and so on other symbols, must be based on your actual appearance of the device name to do the following, or it is possible to damage the system partition, it is very important, remember!!!
2. Use 16 binary mode to open the TF card to view data (can be skipped) we use the Linux hexdump command to view the data in the TF/SD card: the command is:

sudo hexdump-n 1048576/dev/sdb

Where-n 1048576 means that the first 1m=1024*1024=1048576 bytes of data are printed.


The results of the execution (partial) are as follows:



* Represents the content of 0x00, in order to save space pretending to omit.

3, empty the TF card forward 1MB data

Since 4412 of the uboot size is basically hundreds of KB in magnitude, the clear 1MB space is sufficient, note that the empty is not formatted, but to fill 0x00.

We use the system/dev under the zero device, clear 0 tf/sd card front 1MB.

The results of the implementation are as follows:

The count=2000 here represents emptying 2000 blocks, and one block=512b,2000 is exactly 1MB.


Again hexdump view TF/SD card data, found:

The first 1MB space successfully cleared 0.

4. Burn Write Uboot startup file

Here, the file we are burning to write is u-boot-itop-4412.bin this file.

Terminal Execution Command:


If the input file address, as you u-boot-itop-4412.bin the actual address of this file, the of the output address, the actual device number of your TF/SD card is subject to.

Here, you can insert the TF/SD card into the Development Board to power up, in order to prove that we are burning, we do the following.

5, confirm burn write correct (can skip)

We need to make sure that from the first block of the TF/SD card, it is true that the U-boot-itop-4412.bin file is correctly burned, and the commands we use are also hexdump.

Here, in order to display the convenience, only print the first 5KB data, found that the bin file is correctly copied to the SD card at 512 bytes:

6, the TF card to the Development Board, dial switch select TF start, power up:

Thank you: Zinway

How to make Exynos 4412 u-boot boot disk using TF/SD card under Ubuntu

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