How to make Google better include your website

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How to make Google better include your website

The process of indexing websites by Google search engine crawlers
In general, Google crawlers will first crawl the robots.txt file in the root directory of the website to determine which directories to crawl, and then start to capture the pages allowed in robots.txt, and finally crawl to other pages following the link on the current page. Surprisingly, search engine crawlers rated a page as many as 5000, while relevance is an important factor.

About PageRank
PageRank still plays an important role in the ranking of Google index results. Note that PageRank is not the PR value seen on the Google toolbar, but the PageRank used internally by Google.

Tags to be supported: unavailable_after
Some frequently used Meta tags supported by Google crawlers have been introduced around the search engine. This time, Dan disclosed in advance a tag that Google crawlers will support-unavailable_after. It tells the search engine crawler when to stop indexing a page. If the content on the webpage is effective, the unavailable_after tag is very useful.

Website map file Sitemaps
The Sitemaps file of the website helps Google index the website page. However, because the PR value of Sitemaps is usually very low, the weight of Sitemaps in the Google search engine is still relatively low. However, Dan promises that this phenomenon will change in the future.

For Flash websites and websites that use Ajax to present content, as Google webmaster blog says, Dan recommends using sIFR typographical technology on pages.

Additional Google materials
Google will more frequently index webpages marked as supplemental materials. On the Google search results page, although the supplemental materials page is currently back to the normal index page, the difference between the two will become smaller and smaller. The most fundamental way to bring your webpage out of supplementary materials is to add external links to the page.

In this regard, please refer to the following points:

1. Give different titles to each page. Although this is extremely simple, it is still not done by many people. We have no reason not to do so, which helps SEO, improve readability, and obtain high click rates.
2. Mark different META descriptions on each page. We all remember that META tags are useless. No, Google is still using these tags. Let's not waste time. Just give a unique meta description to all pages, or even copy the title content to it.
3. Each page has a good unique content. This problem is common and has many causes. The most common problem is that many content blocks in different URLs are the same, which is usually caused by the CMS or shopping cart of the website, some pages or blank spaces with less content also have such problems. Based on my experience (maybe not authoritative enough, just my guess ), A page must have at least 100 characters to be unique.
4. Add more authoritative reverse links. Links are usually very effective. A few links from the old domain names that have been rated will give a new site a higher authority, and obtaining links from a high PageRank website will be more effective.
5. Create more internal links on the site page. This makes Google think that your website is not an empty shelf. Think about it. When there are only 20 pages and dozens of bad links, and these invalid links point to the same page. Normally, the website page is indexed normally, but most internal pages have already entered supplementary materials.
After doing the above, we can almost restore to normal. In general, the most difficult part is to establish an effective external reverse link to gain a trusted authority.

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