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This method is suitable for students who want to squeeze time out to learn new things every day while driving to work, and tell everyone how to make full use of time fragments to learn new things. If you want to take a look at the guy, you will get off first so that you can quickly seize the seat. It's better to keep yourself up to read books. The former will give you a comfortable sleep in your seat, and the latter may prevent you from crowding the bus in the future. If, like me, you have to spend more than an hour to get to the company every day, then you should take a look.

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First, let's talk about my background. A working group has recently become a legend of the house slaves. Can migrant workers afford urban houses? No, you can only go to the "World of Taoyuan" and start a long taxi career.

After having gone through several different bus, express connect, subway, walking, and other transfer schemes, I finally chose a 1.5-hour journey, the least walk, the least transfer and the most economical solution, because it is also the best solution for reading. At this point, I realized how amazing it was to find the optimal path when I first learned the data structure.AlgorithmIt is estimated that the original author is also a hard-pressed car crowd like me. After determining the traffic transfer plan, I will start my study plan.

Determine the target development plan

In the workplace, we often talk about goal orientation and task breakdown. I think this is also suitable for constraints and supervision. Because the heroic words of the past few times had to conquer such books before such a date, but the ultimate goal could not be fulfilled as expected, I deeply realized that it was an essential stage to develop a plan. There are many ways to develop a plan. I use the scrum burnout chart. Through the burned-out diagram, I can clearly understand whether my progress is delayed or not, which stages are inefficient, and how to estimate my production volume after a sprint (here it is the quantitative reading speed ), the next sprint will know how to adjust it.

Is a sprint actually executed. Starting from the second line, we can see from left to right that the left-side backlog is filled with the chapter of the book, and the right side is 7.30 ~ 8.13 represents the reading date, taking 15 days as a cycle. Other numbers 2, 1, and 0 indicate the amount of Remaining Content in the chapter. The quantification criteria are as follows: 2 indicates that you did not see it at all. 1 indicates that you have read it in half and 0 indicates that you have finished reading it. During the sprint, I will consider breaking down many chapters to ensure that each chapter can be viewed in a scattered period of one day.


Based on the execution data in the table above, two chapters numbered 03 and 04 were eliminated on December 31, July 31. It is estimated that the characters broke out and the progress was advanced. Chapter 05 was eliminated on December 31, August 1, and the progress was normal; it is estimated that we were lazy in August 2. The execution was the same as that in August 1, that is, we didn't see any content on that day ......, Until August 12, the remaining chapters are 06, 10, 12, 13, and 14, and 12 of them are read in half. The remaining amount is large, and the progress cannot be caught on the last day. Therefore, the remaining sections need to be moved to the next Sprint plan.


Of course, the daily execution is more intuitive through the burn-out chart dimension. Red points represent the remaining daily readings in an ideal situation. The blue points represent the actual situation. The red lines indicate that the remaining readings are less than expected, and the progress is advanced. Otherwise, the remaining readings are postponed.

From the table above, we can see that the year July 30 ~ During the August 5 s, the ideal and the reality were basically in the fight, and it was difficult to solve each other. After the August 6 s, the cup was ready, and the reality could not keep up with the ideal pace, almost becoming a parallel line.

How to arrange the next sprint?

Think about the factors that affect the progress of the previous sprint, whether it is too optimistic to evaluate too many chapters, or the irresistible factors such as capacity limitations and limited time, this serves as a basis for determining whether each backlog appropriately reduces the internal capacity or maintains the previous quantitative standard.

What are the inspirations of sprint?

After about two sprints are executed, you will naturally be able to more accurately assess when the book will be read. If you plan to be consistent with the actual situation for each backlog, the next book's reading plan will be able to develop all the sprints at once.


There must be a clear e-reader, and it is best to be flexible with only one hand. Because the bus is shaking, one hand is needed to hold the handrail for safety, and only one hand can be freed. In this case, the practical paper books are no longer competent, and generally the classic books are thick. One hand alone cannot support long-term reading, unless you want to exercise by the way. In my personal practice, I started to think about iPad as a good choice. I borrowed a friend from my iPad for a week and tried it. It only weighed bricks, between paper books and bricks, it is estimated that the iPad Mini will be more suitable for you to wait. In the end, I chose the iPhone. The bigger reason is that I don't want to go out and have a heavy equipment that is only used to read books. Why am I not a professional e-reader? For example, Amazon's Kindle is definitely the best choice for reading e-books. However, for me, it is not cost-effective to purchase a device for reading only. To put it bluntly, it is still a matter of value.



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