How to make green a bright spot in web design?

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Fresh, stable, environmental protection, in these three key words daydream picture must have green.

Green is a color that is widely used in web design, with a sense of calmness inherent to it. Green is thought to produce a certain visual impact in psychology, so it is a good choice to highlight the information with green elements on the homepage of the website.


The site case is a good proof of the Green's unique guidance and hint role. The main color of the site navigation will have a great impact on the user's vision, bright colors may be dazzling; the dim color may be too dull, therefore, the gentle dark green is one of the choices of the website navigation color.


The site did not use a large green, but in a higher gray background with a number of green decorations to do embellishment. But these elements are not just beautiful, but also in the Invisible guide us, the contrast between the obvious green and black gray so that users can easily distinguish the focus of information.


The website is mainly in the dark green. Dark green is a more formal color in the green system and can be considered for use in the company's official website design. When the brightness and depth to allow users to have visual comfort, but also accompanied by the atmosphere, practical psychological feelings.

  The Ultimate Bikeshop

The green used in this case is a controversial color, green, yellow? Everyone may have a different point of view, here for the time being called Lemon Green. This kind of relatively not clear and accurate color in the use of Web page design should also pay special attention to avoid its conflicting colors, the use of single color design, so that the content of the page as far as possible to look simple and clear and vitality.

  Break It Down

Green Green is the most affinity of the color, to bring users an inexplicable sense of cleanliness and security. Because Green green is more bright eye color, therefore, the color in use should pay special attention to brightness adjustment, to avoid users in a short period of time to produce visual fatigue.


The website page uses the color block "splicing" the effect, from the white to the ash and then to the green. White and gray are neutral colors, so the green in the page is naturally the most eye-catching part, such collocation also makes the picture more rich movement sense.


The green in this case belongs to the lighter olive, the overall use of the effect of micro-gradient. The use of color to make the overall appearance of peace and generosity, with its natural access to a sense of visual pleasure.

  Jack ' s Bar

The use of the bright green button on the fuzzy background increases the ability of the web page to act on the original basis. Each color is implied and directs the user to click and view.

  Design Creativity

The combination of two different green can also produce wonderful visual sensory response, so that the user's line of sight can be a coherent transition, the entire page will not appear abrupt.


The combination of blue-green and earth-color can make a natural breath more pleasant. The brown part uses the texture background design, lets the picture atmosphere produce namely regards the life feeling.

Green, represents the vitality and hope. We can ensure the visual comfort while the pursuit of nature, let color enrich our lives.

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