How to make incomplete gear simulation motion in UG?

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how to make incomplete gear simulation motion in UG?

1, first, double-click or right to open our UG software, here to UG10.0 as an example, UG9.0 above all can use the tutorial. Create a new model file with the default name path.

2, click on the cylindrical gear modeling, draw 2 gears, gear modulus, pressure angle is equal, and then click on the cylindrical gear model, and then engage.

3, and then the pinion part of the teeth to delete, delete the sum, the teeth of the part, because we need to use the simulation of 3D contact this function, 3D contact with some parts can not be summed, so we will be small gear divided into 4 parts, including 3 teeth and cylindrical. Then save the file.

4, click the file sequentially--open--motion simulation or directly in (Application module-movement), right key motion1 new simulation, click on the connecting rod, the gear defined as 2 connecting rods, note that because the pinion does not sum, so also to 4 parts to choose the same connecting rod.

5, the definition of motion pairs, the 2 connecting rods (that is, 2 gear) as a rotating pair, small gear selection has a constant rotation speed. Since this is a simulation of incomplete gears, it is not necessary to add gear pairs. Then 3D contact, which is the focus of the simulation, respectively, select the pinion 3 teeth with the big gear contact, as shown in the following figure.

6, finally, we click on the solution, and solve, solve the time will be relatively long, so we generally in the solution time and step number can be smaller, in addition, the use of 3d contact This function to solve the time is relatively prolonged.

7, the following is the simulation of the animation demo. (can also be slowed down by adding dampers)

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