How to make iphone6 ringtones? iphone6 songs make Ringtones and set methods (very detailed)

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The first step, in mobile phone version of Baidu music download music and make ringtones

1. We install a Baidu music in the Apple handset first, this can go to the App Store to download, install good after we open Baidu Music in the interface click "More" option button.

2. Then we find "making ringtones" in more

3. Then in the making of the interface to make the ringtone we choose to make the bell, and then the length of the ring can not exceed 40 seconds, the operation is good after clicking on the "tick" completed.

4. Waiting for Baidu music to save the ringtone file, as shown in the picture

5. Then we see the preservation of the bell after we click on Baidu Music "settings-ringtones management" but can not use this ringtone directly, this is because of some limitations of the iphone system caused, so we have to look down.

Step two, export ringtones

1. Now we connect the iphone to the computer and click on the iphone icon on the computer

2. Then go to the iphone summary interface and click on "Manage music and video manually"-"Apply" button.

3. Then the software prompts us to erase the current IPhone sync with other computers, please click on the "Erase and Sync" button to continue.

4. After the synchronization, we then click the "Application" button to enter, details as shown in the following figure

5. In the open application interface we will see a "file sharing" to find "Baidu Music" and then click the ring and then click the "Save to" button, as shown in the picture

6. I'm here to save the desktop as an example, as shown in the figure

step three, import ringtones

1. Now we click the "Repository" option in itunes.

2. Then click on the top left of the list of database options, as shown in the picture

3. In the Open interface, we'll click "Ringtones" in itunes.

4. Next please drag the ringtone file from the IPhone to the ringtone window of iTunes, as shown in the picture

5. After the end of the ringtone file, then click on the IPhone icon, as shown in the picture

6. Finally, click on the "Sync" button in the itunes window to import our own ringtone into the iPhone.

7. Well, the final step is to get into the iphone and set the ringtone. Oh (Recommended reading: lingsheng/">iphone setting ringtones)

Summary: This article is for three steps to make the iphone ringtones, each step is very important, of course, there are some steps to speak a little bit simple but the operation is still good, if there is not understand the friend can be in the last message Oh, we see the message will tell you how to solve your problems oh.

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