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Prerequisites and considerations

1, you want to have a home page on the Internet, if you do not go to friendpages to apply for a 30M free space, free first class domain name, free guest book, free personalized chat room of the personal homepage bar

2, as long as you choose a reputable advertising site, to the company application can get a section of HTML code, the HTML code on your home page whenever its ads on your home page display once or click once you will have a certain income. When your income reaches its payment amount, he will send the cheque to you through the Post office. (The average company is settled at the end of the month and receives a check around 15th).

3, you in the application for advertising should pay attention to your own personal information must be accurately filled in (in English) (in particular, postal code, international mail is distributed through the postal code to the regions), or he sent you the cheque will not be received.

4, when you apply for advertising, you should pay attention to your personal homepage can not have software download, Mp3 download, free registration code, hacker-related content, etc. may be illegal content.

5, when you apply for advertising, do not rush to their own desperately click ads or write some small programs, automatically into the ads. are generally not allowed. Most advertisers set a 6% percentage point to display and click, and when more than 6% he thinks you're cheating. Learning about this knowledge is more necessary, here to promote some netizens wrote about the network of money-making knowledge:

BANNER (Advertising Banner): A display of commercial advertising content of the picture, placed on the advertiser's page, usually the size of 468*68, often made into animated form.

Logo (icon): Usually used to advertise a merchant's trademark or specific logo, usually of a 81*33 size.

CPM (cost per thousand, every thousand visits charge): According to the number of visitors has become a network advertising practice. At present, the international CPM fee varies from $ to $80.

Clicks (hits): Every time visitors click on this banner ad to visit a merchant Web page, say click once. The number of clicks can objectively and accurately reflect the advertising effect.

Clicks RATIO (CTR): is a sign of advertising attraction. If the page appears 10,000 times, and the number of clicks on the Web page is 500 times, the click Rate is 5%.

Impression (number of hits): The number of times a Web page has been accessed. The statistics on the COUNTER (counter) are the impression of the page.

PORTAL page (after clicking on the AD): Usually this page is not the homepage of the merchant's website, but the page that is redesigned for the advertisement content.

Pageviews (Comprehensive view): The total number of pages visited by the website. A visitor can create more than 10 or more pageviews. Unique HOST (Independent visitors): Because each visitor can create multiple pageviews, and visitors to refresh the page will increase the number of impression, so pageviews or impression can not accurately represent the number of visitors to the site. Typically, each visitor will come from a different address, called a different IP. Independent visitors will see visitors from the same IP as the same person for a more accurate number of visits. The number provided by the Chinese rankings of NetEase is the unique HOST. Often many web sites are publishing traffic that is pageviews or impression,pageviews often several times impression, and impression is much higher than the unique host.

  Ways to make money online

Sales Products: Directly on the internet to sell products, such as online stores;

Paid information: To provide information to customers, such as information, consulting center;

Intermediary services: Through a variety of forms to introduce others to buy goods or buy services;

Advertising: Directly on the web production of personal or organizational advertising;

Advertising agency: Apply to advertising publishers, get a piece of HTML advertising code or graphics, and then put it on your Web site, and other people to click, you can click the number of clicks, get the corresponding remuneration, this is the advertising agency, because online money can indeed bring some economic benefits, at present, are being more and more friends of the favor. However, in the end how to join the Internet to make money? Two big steps, first, you have to have a Web page of your own (including, of course, online storage space), and the best Web page is English. Second, you have to apply to advertisers to get HTML code or graphics. Precautions:

Within 24 hours, the number of effective clicks generated by the same IP address is generally 1~3 and more than partially invalid.

General monthly checkout, such as to earn the specified amount of advertising fees (generally 10~50 U.S. dollars, the individual is sterling, AUD, etc.), advertisers sent a check to you the month, if the shortfall is transferred to the next month, until the minimum amount to send a cheque. The personal information must be filled out accurately (in English), or the cheque he sent to you will not be received.

You are not allowed to change the HTML advertising code and the advertising profile (ie banner) that advertisers give you.

Prohibit the use of JavaScript windows, CGI automatic generation, Web page refresh/autoload and other deceptive means to generate clicks, once found, will cancel the account, refused to earn advertising fees.

In the vicinity of the advertising map is not allowed to join the request, tempting others to click on the ads words.

The same advertising code, map files can be arranged on a Web site on each page, but not on a page to put multiple identical advertising code, graphics.

Ads are not allowed on pages with no other content (that is, full page advertising is not permitted).

An advertiser can only apply for an account (that is, only one application), if you want to modify the information (including to change, increase the advertising site), you may enter The advertiser's website (enter your account number, password, user name) directly adjusted.

You are not allowed to request or encourage others to click on an advertising map via email, newsgroups, chat rooms, letters, and other means.

You are not allowed to put ads on non-English web pages (although some advertisers have not stated this, this is actually the case).

Ads are not valid on Web pages that have not been applied or unapproved.

Now, advertisers generally have sophisticated counting software and advanced tracking technology, plus, before you apply, its prior declaration, reservations at any time to delete the right to be suspected of fraudulent web site, so, to long-term engaged in this industry, according to the requirements of advertisers to do, otherwise, may be naught.

  Web page Requirements

To use the Web page to make money, the Web page must meet certain conditions, the following is the common requirements of most advertisers, in addition, the advertisers have their own special requirements. A Web page with the following content has been rejected for:

Adult (yellow) Web pages, sex (with nude pictures, etc.) or have such links (adult ads are not subject to this).

Registration code, registration machine, pirated software, illegal MP3 and any hacker content or have such links.

Involve any reactionary, illegal organization, activity and content.

Web pages that meet the following criteria are easy to accept:

English page:

High quality, large access to the Web page. Suggestions for online advertising

The top of the page works better than the bottom:

Statistics show that many visitors do not want to drag the scroll bar to get content, so placed on top of the page and the page below the ads can get the click rate is different. The ad clicks on the top of the page can usually reach 3.5%-4%.

The larger the advertising area, the better:

Usually the standard size of the network advertisement has 468*60,150*68 and 88*31 three kinds of common specifications. Obviously, a large advertising pattern is easier to attract users ' attention. So the banner prices of different sizes will also be different.

Frequently change pictures:

Research shows that when the same picture is placed for a period of time, the click Rate starts to drop. And when the picture is changed, the click Rate will increase. So staying fresh is a good way to attract visitors.

Use the appropriate statement:

The text used in the advertisement must be able to arouse the visitor's curiosity and interest. Can be called, such as "Click here", can also be time, such as "Last chance", can also be "free" words such as, this seems to fall into the cliché words can play a dramatic effect.

Make ads close to the main content of the site:

Usually a comprehensive site will have "WHAT ' NEW" or the location of the site's own news, which is often the most attractive part of a site, so ads if placed near this position will attract more people's attention. Link ads to a specific page, not the homepage of the customer's site.

No one likes the seven corners to get what they want, so the ads should link to the page you want to advertise most.

Appropriate use of animated pictures:

Statistics show that animated pictures are three times times more attractive than static images. However, if the animation picture is improperly applied, it will cause the opposite effect, such as too fancy or file too big affect the download speed. So usually the advertising chamber limits the size of the picture.

Can not ignore the role of pure text:

In e-mail magazines can be placed in plain text ads, because the text ads can usually display 100 word content, and hardly affect the download speed, so the wording of the text ads can even get up to 12% clicks.

Select the appropriate AD site:

Even if the price of CPM is the same, the advertising effect of different sites in people's traffic is completely different. High-speed web site allows you to achieve the desired effect of time greatly shortened, so that you won the time.

Understand some of the necessary knowledge of network advertising, master the key to the release of online advertising, your online advertising will be able to achieve a multiplier effect.

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